This 10-Minute Core Routine Will Roast Your Abs

Old school standards get respect for a reason. They work.

Newfangled ideas about training usually sound exciting, and sometimes, they’re just as effective as advertised. But if you really want to be sure that your workout is going to be worth your time and effort, stick with what’s been proven, time and again.

If you’re ready to give the old standards a try, Ngo Okafor, C.P.T., has a 10-minute ab challenge designed just for you. The two-time Golden Gloves champion thinks that a good core workout should be more than just slow burn isolation movements like crunches, performed at a glacial pace. “You can raise your heart rate and burn a ton of calories while doing abs,” he says of the routine.

To perform the workout, all you need is 10 minutes, some space to spread out, and maybe a mat like this one from our affiliated Backslashfit brand to protect your backside. You’ll do a mix of dips, kicks, and twists with little to no rest, pushing every muscle in your core to keep up with the pace.

The four exercises flow seamlessly as a circuit, and you can add a dumbbell for some added resistance—but don’t worry if you have trouble with the weight. Make sure to hydrate, and follow Okafor’s cues from the video above as he performs the workout along with you. Happy sweating.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

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