The Men's Health 2019 Home Fitness Awards


For most guys, a home gym is the ultimate domestic goal. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time, energy, or funds to build up a truly magnificent space like The Rock’s Iron Paradise. That’s why we need to be smart about the equipment we’re going to put in our homes—so the Men’s Health team tested dozens of products and put together this list of must-haves for your rec-room sweat space, from the best cardio equipment to the newest all-in-one smart gyms. You might not have as much room for equipment as The Rock, but this gear will help you to start to build the best gym to fit your needs.

This equipment will get your heart rate pumping—without that hamster wheel, lab experiment feeling you get on the treadmill at your big box gym. From smart rigs with built-in instructors to good old fashioned gear, you’re guaranteed to get sweaty.

Get ready to pump your own personal iron with this strength-building gear. Opt for a set of adjustable dumbbells to save space, or convert your whole garage into your dream squat station.

Feeling smart? These apps and home gym setups are even smarter. Workout with your phone or install a full-fledged wall fixture to open up a portal to the high tech fitness future.

From the floor beneath your feet to the gear you need to do your full routine, these accessories will help you round out any workout. A lot of this gear works whether you have just a doorframe or a whole room to dedicate to your fitness.

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