Take your fitness routine outside with these 8 outdoor classes in London

Whether you’re an avid yogi, a pilates freak or someone who loves a good HIIT class, this summer, we can’t wait to take our fitness routines out into the sun. Here are London’s eight best outdoor fitness classes to try.  

With summer just around the corner and the forecast filled with long sunny days, we can’t wait to get outside. 

On bright summer days, it can feel a little dreary heading to your local gym while everyone else seems to be out with their picnic blankets and sundresses. Luckily, London offers plenty of opportunities to get your fitness fix without ever stepping indoors (all of which are guaranteed to put you in the mood for our Strong Women Trek coming next month). 

So, whether you love a sweaty HIIT class or you want to practise your sun salutations, why not try one of the city’s best outdoor fitness classes this summer.

  • Barre at Frame, King’s Cross

    A mixture of yoga, pilates and dance, barre classes have been all the rage for a few years now. Using tiny isometric movements, barre promises to tighten and tone your muscles, while leaving you feeling strong and flexible.

    Frame are something of a barre staple in London, with studios all over the city. In the summer, Frame step it up and also offer outdoor barre classes on Wednesdays on the gorgeous canal steps of Granary Square near Kings Cross. Not only will you get your barre burn on in the sunshine, you’ll also get a free smoothie and a chance to win a tote bag.

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  • Rooftop Yoga at Oru Space, East Dulwich

    Fancy a dynamic vinyasa yoga session? A sculpting pilates class? A slow, strong flow? At East Dulwich’s Oru Space, you can flow in the sunshine on their secluded, picturesque rooftop all summer long.

    Not only does Oru offer both indoor and outdoor yoga, pilates and barre classes, they also have a stylish cafe where you can grab a coffee and lunch after class. Or, with a membership, you can even access their workspace and crack open your laptop after finishing your flow. 

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  • Bootcamp at Ravenscourt Bootcamp, Chiswick

    Ravenscourt Bootcamp in Ravenscourt Park in Chiswick offers fun, approachable fitness classes for people of all ages and all levels. 

    The friendly trainers will bring all the equipment you need and will give you plenty of options depending on what you’re looking for from your fitness regime. 

    This bootcamp runs all year long, rain or shine, so if you get hooked, you won’t need to give it up in the colder months.

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  • Outdoor training at Strong + Bendy, Hackney

    Get ready to fall in love with this gorgeous outdoor gym in Hackney. At Strong + Bendy, you can work out under the fairy lights in the private, colourful backyard gym.

    But don’t worry – while this gym may look like a hip craft beer garden, it takes fitness seriously. Their outdoor gym includes pull-up bars, kettlebells and battle ropes and they offer classes such as boxing, circuits, tabata, TRX training and more.

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  • Spin Class at SoulCycle, Soho

    Outdoor spin class at SoulCycle

    When it comes to spin classes, SoulCycle are practically a London institution. Known for their upbeat music and even more upbeat instructors, it’s practically impossible to leave a SoulCycle class without a smile on your face and that cathartic feeling of having left it all on the bike.

    If you want to change up your regular spin routine, try SoulCycle’s outdoor classes at Selfridge’s in Soho. Set up under a large tent, this is a bright, breezy class that could not be more perfect for summer.

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  • Parkour at Parkour Generations, Canary Wharf

    We know what you’re thinking – parkour? Isn’t that for teenage kids with too much time on their hands? At Parkour Generations, you’ll be forced to rethink everything you thought you knew about parkour.

    This outdoor parkour class will help you to rethink the urban jungle and your place within it, all while you get a great cardio workout and build tons of strength. Plus, it might be one of the most fun workouts around.

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  • Yoga at Neverland London, Fulham

    Always dreamed of leaving everything behind for a month-long yoga retreat on some exotic beach? Well, thanks to Neverland in Fulham, now you can — and you don’t even have to leave London.

    At Neverland, you’ll find yourself flowing in one of the most idyllic outdoor spots in London. Complete with sandy beach, girly pink decor and, of course, an on-site cocktail bar, this has to be one of the prettiest outdoor yoga spots in the city. 

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  • Pilates at Courage Yard, Bermondsey

    This summer, public space Courage Yard is offering both yoga and pilates in its stunning outdoor location. While this location is smack dab in the middle of the city, it couldn’t feel more private, making it the perfect spot to soak up the sun and build strength and stability through your Pilates practice.

    Plus, Courage Yard has plenty of outdoor dining options, local shops and events, so why not make a day of it?

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