Sylvia Jeffreys Reveals Her Pre-Race Prep

If the idea of a 14 kilometre running race has you sweating before you’ve even glimpsed the start line, you’re not alone. But journo and TODAY host Sylvia Jeffreys has a few stellar suggestions that might inspire you to take on the City2Surf challenge with her. 

Have you always been a runner? What has inspired you to take on this challenge?

I’ve been running for several years, though I consider myself more of a “plodder” than a “runner”.  But what I lack in pace I make up for in enthusiasm. This year I am competing in my fourth City2Surf because I love the event.  I love the community aspect as well as the personal satisfaction in completing 14 very hilly kilometres. Committing to a fun run also helps to keep me honest and consistent with my training.  

What charity will you be supporting and why?

This year I am running with my friends at Youngcare.  I am the National Ambassador for the charity, which is fighting to solve Australia’s disability housing crisis.  Youngcare provides housing options to young Australians with high care needs to keep them out of the aged care system.  They are doing amazing and critical work in the community, providing support and relief to hundreds of thousands of families.  

My Channel Nine colleague David Campbell and I will lead a “Red Army’ of Youngcare runners at this year’s City2Surf to raise funds and awareness for this cause which I’m very passionate about.  

YOU’RE INVITED ❤️ to join our @youngcareoz Red Army at the @city2surf on Sunday August 12! Sign up to the #Youngcare team TODAY to support young Aussies with high care needs. Every single one of you is welcome to run, walk, dance, stroll at your own pace. The more the merrier! Help us to paint the town RED ❤️ because every young Australian deserves freedom, independence & dignity. . . Rego instructions below…and if you can’t make it to the race you can make a donation via the link in my bio. And…All my love and thanks to these legends ?? for leading the charge ??❤️? . . Register at ??‍♀️ Join the “Youngcare” team ??‍♂️Select Westpac yellow start ??‍♀️ share your everyday hero link far & wide ??‍♂️ wear RED on the day ??‍♀️celebrate your awesomeness with us at the finish line ?

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What does your training regime look like in the lead up?

I’m trying to fit in three runs a week in the lead up to the event, which includes one sprint session and one hill session.  I also squeeze in a couple of pilates sessions as this helps me to build muscle and stretch out. I’ve battled many running injuries in the past, so pilates works as a preventative measure in that respect.  

What does your day on a plate usually look like?

Breakfast is usually porridge with banana and berries and two to three espresso shots over the course of the morning.  

Morning tea is either almonds or an apple (or both!) and then for lunch I have a salad with protein or leftovers from the night before. My afternoon tea is usually cheese and crackers, and for dinner I love salmon and veggies, chicken stir fry, vegetable curry or whatever the husband cooks.

What have you found helps with motivation to exercise?

I love the great feeling of a clear head that comes after a work out and makes me want to do it again and again.  I never dread a workout because I know I’ll never regret it. Music also helps.

Now in it’s 48th year, City2Surf returns to Sydney on Sunday 12th August 2018. Be moved and challenge yourself to register at

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