Strong Women Wellbeing Summit 2023: feel calmer this January

Join us on 17 January 2023 at 180 The Strand for an evening of new year inspiration, motivation and joy.

After what’s been a turbulent year (to put it mildly), you might be thinking about setting goals to make 2023 shine brighter. Perhaps you want to feel calmer, more grounded, less… burnt out. Maybe 2023 is the year for feeling more in control of your own mental and emotional wellbeing in an ever-changing world. Or your new year’s resolution may just be to connect with more like-minded women – finding a community that gets what you’re going through. Whatever your ‘why’, the Strong Women Wellbeing Summit, in partnership with Fitbit, is the ideal place to set that ball in motion.

This year’s theme is around ‘thriving in an uncertain world’, and never has that felt more needed. To help us work out what thriving might look like in 2023 (and how to achieve it), we’re going to be joined by a host of brilliant experts, including registered dietitian Tai Ibitoye, PT Gauri Chopra, MIT professor Dr Tara Bieber and Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, aka The Mind Coach. 

All this reflecting and goal-setting will take place against the backdrop of the 180 Health Club – arguably London’s plushest wellbeing space – located at the top of 180 The Strand. 

Strong Women Wellness Summit – the details

Date: Tuesday 17 January 2023

Location: 180 Health Club, 180 Strand, Temple, WC2R 1EA

Start time: 6pm

Finish time: 9pm

Tickets: £20 

What does my ticket include?

Tickets include access to all the talks and interactive sessions, light refreshments, a smoothie on arrival and an exclusive goody bag. 

While we’ll be demonstrating exercises to help with concentration and mood, you won’t be asked to a workout – so rest assured, coming in your work clothes is totally fine (although we live in lycra at Strong Women, so if you do come in leggings, you won’t stand out). 

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