Sprain on Fu: What to do?

On clumsy, cobbled and twisted it, at the autumn stroll üabout a Branch, stumbled, and the ankle joint &shy is;unnatübitterly twisted. The elastic Bäthe stabilize the joint, überdehnt, sometimes reißa en you in whole or in part.

On hämost often it is the dreitei­lige Außenband. With unpleasant consequences: The Knöchel hurts, swells, and verfäbl&auml rbt itself;ulich, because small Blutgefäße are violated.

First aid in accordance with the PITCH control

To limit the damage &Auml recommend;doctors right after the mishap four Sofortmaßtook – grouped under the PITCH-rule. P f&uuml is;r break (relief), E für ice (Kümiss), C für Compression (engl.: Pressure) and H für bearings. "So Bluterg&uuml can;sse, swelling and pain significantly reduzieren", Professor Martin Engelhardt, chief doctor of the clinic f&uuml says;r Orthopäthe, accident and hand surgery at the Klinikum Osnabrück. Recreational athletes should always have a cool pack and elastic in Bind. Also a pain ointment is useful.

The patients köcan so much to do. However, according to the Bent, to assess whether Bäor ripped k&ouml are dragged, ;you may not be able to. "If a Bäcrack übersehen, and is not treated, it can remain in the joint is permanently unstable and verschleißt prematurely due to chronic Fehlbelastungen", erklärt expert Engelhardt.

Control to the doctor

Therefore, Affected m&ouml should;as far as possible in a timely manner to a doctor &ndash visit; even if the pains have subsided after initial treatment. The doctor überprüzun&auml ft;first, whether the joint l&auml move normal;sst. "The state of the Bä- better to judge köcan we arrange for stämore powerful rotations with Blutergüand severe pain is also a Kernspintomografie", Engelhardt says. With Röntgenauf took Knochenbr&uuml can;che ausschließen.

Even if a Band is cracks, genüit gt in most Fäcases, to provide the joint with a plaster or a lower leg rail is quiet. After one to two weeks köcan Affected strain your ankle with a Gehschiene carefully. A anschlie­ßend of coordination training under physiotherapy guidance prevents re-injury.

Sports überstüshorten the

And when dümay drive the patient back to sports? "Fully loaded, the joint is only several months after the Verletzung", Orthopäde Engelhardt emphasizes. Prior to that, only gentle exercise is recommended; the athletes st&uuml should;Chairman of bandages to wear. After three to six months überprüthe attending physician ft the success of this conservative Therapiemaß.

When an Operation nötig is

Several B&auml are;of the injured, or even from the bone demolished, rates Ädoctors häfrequently to surgery. Especially, if, in addition to the Außen – the interior band, or the band that connects the tibia and fibula is affected.

Or if the requirements of the joint in everyday life or in the occupation of the patient, particularly groß . Engelhardt: "In the case of performance athletes, which are exposed to the joints to extreme loads, should be reconstructed the ligaments surgically, the Stabilitäto improve t."