Rope Yoga Is Taking Australia By Storm And Here's Why

Hands up if your Tree Pose could use a little tuning up. Us too – which is why the latest yoga movement to hit Australia is so frickin’ awesome.

Introducing ropes yoga, a style of class that uses ropes and other props to help you master poses, improve your alignment and try even more advanced stuff. In short, it takes your practice to the next level.

“Ropes yoga is ideal for beginners as the support is safe and reassuring, but also incredible for seasoned practitioners, as you can work deeper into advanced postures, holding them for longer to increase your strength, stamina and awareness,” says Sammy Wilson, founder of Melbourne studio Universal Practice.

A typical class involves what your usual session would, but you’re supported by ropes from the wall behind your mat. Then of course there’s the upside-down option, otherwise known as the ‘hanging inversion’.

“This is unique to ropes yoga, as it lets you passively hang upside down,” explains Wilson. “This tractions the spine, stretches all the muscles of your hips, lower back and neck, and increases blood flow and oxygenation to the brain, resulting in neutralising the body and calming the mind.”

Want to see what this kinda hang time looks like? One of our AFLW faves Katie Brennan is a fan – check out her demo below.

At the moment, Universal Practice is one of the only studios to offer ropes yoga in Oz but with all the mind and body benefits, we’ve got everything crossed that more classes pop up soon. Namaste tuned.

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