Netflix Just Dropped a Full Cobra Kai<\/em>-Themed Dojo Workout

Cobra Kai became something of a breakout hit when Season 1 and 2 came to Netflix last year, and the popularity of the show (which continues the high-kicking drama of the Karate Kid movies) has only grown with Season 3. And now, Netflix is leaning in.

The streaming giant just dropped two karate-themed workouts on YouTube in conjunction with the show’s recently released third season, to help viewers get into shape after they’re done binge-watching. While one workout focuses on attaining inner peace and balance, and was inspired by the “Miyagi-do” practices of Mr. Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso, the other is a more intense, aggressive training session, the kind you might be subjected to if you were to step into the Cobra Kai strip-mall dojo and run into Sensei Lawrence… or John Kreese.

After a brief introductory voiceover from Cobra Kai William Zabka, the ‘Cobra Kai Bo’ video is led by martial arts legend, Tae Bo fitness creator, and honorary C.K. sensei Billy Blanks. “I’m going to push you like never before,” he warns. “And remember; strike first, strike hard, and no mercy.”

The workoutstarts as all workouts should, with a thorough warmup, consisting of stretching and a set of 8 pushups. Then Blanks demos the stances, footwork and basic moves that will be performed throughout the workout.

As with all things Cobra Kai, there’s some ’80s nostalgia at play here, with Blanks and his team paying winking homage to the home exercise videos that were so popular in that decade. But that isn’t to say this workout, which includes cardio and resistance work, won’t challenge you. Watch it in full below, and try it for yourself to see how you’d fare in the Cobra Kai dojo.

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