Mandira Bedi doing this cost-effective workout is goals; here’s why it’s worth a try

If you have struggled to keep your feet or hands pinned to the floor while doing bodyweight exercises, here is some help from Mandira Bedi.

Many know Mandira Bedi as the fitness aficionado who doesn’t cease to surprise us with her workouts every day. If you are in the mood to try out a new way to get your adrenaline rushing while bringing some freshness to your workout to make your week more interesting, here is what you should be doing just like Bedi.

#day167 ! ??Using #sliders today and feeling some ? ! #365daysofexercise #365daychallenge #nobhay #getfitwithmandy #mandirabedi #selflove #fitindiamovement #happyfornoreason

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The 47-year-old is seen stretching her core with the help of slider discs which are also called gliders. If you think it seems like a regular workout, here’s why you should re-think.

What are they?

#slidersworkout for the days you don't want to leave the house ? killer core burner, get those abs before 2021 1️⃣ Single arm slide out, alt. arms 2️⃣ Core slide out with "V" push threw I was experimenting with sliders today the last one really felt good at the end for a great #coreblaster #yegpersonaltrainer#brynnbfit#yeg#yegfitness#yeglocal#yegbusiness#weightloss#newgoals#motivate#girlswholift#impoweringwomen#780#yegwinters

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How many times have you struggled to keep your feet or hands pinned to the floor while doing bodyweight exercises? The round, small and flat discs come handy in such cases where instead of lifting one’s arms or legs during exercises, one can slide while supporting their body weight.

Here’s how they help

*The important aspect about sliders is that they make even the simplest moves more challenging. How? Due to the unstable surface which forces your body to engage your muscles throughout the workout, it’s a great way to build the core and glutes muscles. Even elite athletes can seek all the benefits.

*Sliders are said to help build the intensity of a bodyweight workout without the need of adding additional weights. Therefore, adding variety to your exercise routine.

*What’s more? Sliders are extremely convenient, lightweight and handy to use as all one needs is a floor to practice. Not to forget, they are cost-effective.

Here are some exercises that you can try with sliders

Slider knee tucks

*In a plank position on hands, keep both feet on sliders. Engage the core and maintain a flat back and straight body line while drawing both feet in, bending your knees, closer to the chest.

*Press both feet back to the starting position and repeat 12-15 times.

Bedi can be seen doing climbers.


*In a plank position on hands, with both feet on sliders, engage the core and maintain a flat back and straight body line.
*First, pull one leg toward the chest and then extend back to start position. Just before the leg is completely straight, bring the other leg toward your chest. Repeat by switching the legs quickly but by keeping the hips down. 15-20 reps.

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