Kevin Hart Got Shirtless and Shared His Yoga Routine on Instagram

Kevin Hart has been dedicated to his fitness for a long time, regularly sharing clips of his workouts on social media, and grinding like hell to recover from his injuries following a car accident in 2019. He is looking more muscular than he ever has right now, following a rigorous training regime which saw him bulking up and working out with Navy SEALs while preparing to play the soldier Roland in the upcoming Borderlands movie.

But one thing Hart has never tried incorporating into his fitness routine until now? Yoga. He recently completed a yoga session for the first time, and shared a couple of shots on Instagram.

“Find comfort in discomfort,” the 42-year-old comedian wrote in the caption. “I stepped out of my norm and tried yoga today…. Shit was tuff as hell but I love the potential of what it can be for me…. free ur mind and ur soul will follow!!!!”

Hart isn’t the only one namastayin’ flexible; his fellow actor Will Smith also recently shared some footage from his first ever yoga session, in which he attempted and failed to hold a number of poses, as part of his ongoing fitness journey.

Yoga can be a hugely beneficial way of maintaining flexibility, mobility and core strength—but studies have found that it can also aid weight loss, by fostering a calmer mindset which helps to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and manage appetite. And if, like Hart and Smith, you’re over 40, then yoga positions like the cat-cow can be especially helpful when it comes to both avoiding and alleviating back pain.

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