If sick, should you skip your yoga routine? Find out

It is not easy to rule out yoga when one is sick, because it can be beneficial to perform asanas depending on the kind of illness

When one chooses yoga, it is important to understand if you do it for fitness or for spiritual reasons.

“Those who practise yoga for fitness reasons on a regular basis, should definitely take a break and rest when they are sick. Depending on the kind of ailments, however, there are various techniques in yoga that can be chosen and practised specifically for the purpose of healing,” says grandmaster Akshar, a spiritual yogic master.

Having said that, even when it comes to suffering from various ailments, it is vital to understand when should one really practise yoga. For instance, if you suffer from a physical injury such as a sprain or a ligament tear — including wounds from a recent surgery — it is essential you rest.

He explains if one is suffering from “any stomach-related disorders such as acidity, gas, bloating, indigestion or any problem with the kidneys, then there are remedies within yoga that can be implemented for recovery”.

This is why it is not easy to rule out yoga when one is sick, because it can be beneficial to perform asanas depending on the kind of illness. Make sure before you get on with the same, you observe yourself carefully to find out the symptoms and the reason for the sickness. “You can then accordingly plan your yoga practice depending on the diagnosis. In the case of any sickness therapeutic yoga is advisable” says the yogic master.

Ahead he suggests some tips you can follow to make yourself feel better when you are not feeling up to it.

Consume less food

“When you are not in your peak health, it is better that you give your digestive system a break by consuming less food,” says Akshar. This is because the digestive system can get pressured while consuming heavy meals. Instead give your body rest by sleeping.

Include light exercise

When you are not in the mood to workout heavily make sure you don’t just stop. Rather take it easy on the body and opt for long, gentle walks instead.”You can also practice Sukshma Vyayam or exercises that allow you to warm up the body starting from the toes and working your way up. This ensures that your body has had its share of movement and also the required rest in order to heal faster” says Akshar.

Reduce the duration of your workout

He further suggests that “when you are sick, break up your exercise routine into 10 or 15-minute slots 2 or 3 times a day. Rather than going at it hard for 45 minutes at a stretch, you can give your body adequate rest between workouts by practising for 10 to 15 minutes each time. In this way when you practice with awareness, your recovery is sped up.” 

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