Forget about the Stepper! This method of training is best for losing weight

An hour on the treadmill, lift sweating or in the evening Weights: spring, seam numbers, and given the fitness studios in Germany, the increasing number of visitors. For some visitors, it may not go with the dream body quickly enough. In this case, the question arises: Which method promises the fastest effects and the body fat most effectively melt?

In the “British Journal of Sports Medicine” recently published an analysis of 36 studies that investigate the same question. The researchers compared the effect of interval high intensity training, also called Hiit-workout – with the effects of longer, less intense workouts. This showed that Although all subjects decreased by the pressure exerted by them type of exercise. However, those who had completed Hiit, had a 28.5 percent increase in weight loss. The data set consisted of information from the 1012 participants.

Hiit – what is it exactly?

Under Hiit is an interval training, high-intensity phases with the rest phases alternate. In the recovery phase, the heart rate decreases again. Cycling, Swimming, Running, and Boxing included in the study.

This Training was compared with prolonged continuous exercises with moderate intensity, which lasted usually between 30 and 45 minutes. All participants had trained for a minimum of four weeks and a lot of weight. In the case of the moderately intensive Training, it was of 1.13 kg in the Hiit Exercisers 1,58 kilograms.

The researchers warn, however, against, immediately, in the high-intensity Training: “It is important to be aware of the possible risks and reservations aware”, write them in a message to the study. Hiit Training can methods increase the risk of injury and a burden to the circulatory System more than any other training. In the case of uncertainties or questions, a conversation with the doctor can be useful.

Sprint interval training is particularly effective?

There are numerous Hiit-training variants. Due to the huge bandwidth it was not possible, a recommendation for a specific program. From the data it could be deduced that Sprint interval training might be especially effective, the researchers write.

Niels Vollaard, lecturer in health and sport Sciences at the University of Stirling, showed towards the “BBC” surprised by the results. Normally would have burned for longer workout sessions also more calories.

His opinion, however, there are two explanations for the advantage of the high-intense training: May become activated during the Hiit Workout, the metabolism is particularly strong, which could explain the additional weight loss. The other athletes are following a Hiit Workout may be less hungry than after endurance training. While hormones may play a role. Vollard, however, stressed that it was a very complex area of research, yet only a few evidence.

Sources: ScienceDaily / BBC