Five tips to stay fit this wedding season

Here's how you can keep a tab on your calories while savouring delicacies.

Weddings are synonymous with joy, big and loud gatherings and lots of delicious food — which also means taking some time off our diet and consuming loads of calories. And since Indian weddings are all about sweets and chocolates, there is really no escaping. But indulgence comes with guilt, and shedding those extra kilos can be a task, especially before the New Year. So while you are savouring the delicacies, it’s advisable to keep a check on what you are eating.

Here are some fitness tips to keep your health in check


A full course meal during festivals includes everything from oily snacks to a variety of sweets, making it difficult to keep a check on what you are eating through the festivities. An easy way to digest the meal would be walking for at least 15-20 minutes after eating. You can make this a part of your celebration where you eat together and then walk together. It will help break down the meal in your body, making it easier to digest. Brisk walking is suggested over slow pace walking after meals as it burns calories faster.

Indoor exercise

During festivals, one hardly has time to go to the gym for a quick workout. But fixing a quick 15-minute exercise in between the festive chaos will help in keep your fitness levels intact. You can schedule it in the morning or in the afternoon, but ensure you do so an hour after the meal. In the 15 minutes exercise routine, do 3 sets of:

– 15 Jumping Jacks
– 6 Push-Ups
– 30 seconds plank
– 5 Sit-Ups
– 5 Squats

You can try and complete these activities in the mentioned time or increase the sets depending on your strength and stamina. You can also take stairs instead of lifts or walk/cycle to that restaurant/sweet shop instead of driving.

Fix that sweet craving

Festivals and sweets go hand in hand. But there are multiple ways to satiate your sweet cravings —, one alternative can be opting for whey protein laddoos instead of ghee laddoos. This not only fixes your sweet cravings but also helps with the body’s protein requirements. There are also whey protein chocolates or cookies available in the market.

Drink water

“Most common practice is a gulping a glass of water just after eating a heavy meal, which causes indigestion. One should either drink water 30 minutes before a meal which later helps in taking a small plate or you drink water 30-45 minutes after a meal, this gives the body time to absorb the nutrients and helps in healthy digestion. It’s also important to sip water before, during and after exercise to keep the body hydrated at all times”, Shivoham, celebrity fitness trainer and brand ambassador at Avvatar Whey Protein, Parag Milk Foods.

Calorie counting

This might be a tedious thing to do when you feel like munching whatever comes your way. A simple way to keep a regular check on calorie would be to download any fitness app which logs in all important details, including calories consumed during the day. Some apps also keep a check on your exercise and water intake, which in return increases the calorie limit for the day.

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