At 55, Elle Macpherson Just Shared An Insanely Fit Bikini Photo On Instagram

  • Elle Macpherson just posted a bikini photo on Instagram showing off her incredibly fit body.
  • The Australian model will be 56 years old in March 2020.
  • She shared her beauty, fitness, and health secrets in the post.

Elle Macpherson might technically be 55, but she just proved that age is nothing but a number in her recent bikini photo on Instagram.

The Australian model, nicknamed “The Body” by Time magazine in 1989, posed in a two piece animal print bathing suit and sun hat. Elle captioned the photo, “Being Australian , I’m at my most comfortable by the sea. Im so blessed to live in Miami close to the Bahamas where this photo was taken.”

She also mentioned that people keep her asking her what she does to stay in shape (well, duh!). Although the former Sports Illustrated cover star is no longer on the runway, she has to be doing something to keep herself this fit, right?

Luckily, Elle used the Instagram caption to share some of her health and beauty secrets with her fans. She made sure to shout out her own company, @welleco’s super greens which she calls a “one and done evolution of the multivitamin.”

But she also credits meditation, reflection, and prayer for helping her to stay in shape. “It only takes 10 mins a day but is a non negotiable,” the model wrote. Elle said she also stays in shape by spending “as much time as I can in nature swimming, walking.” She does yoga and jogs on the reg, according to a 2018 interview with Glossy.

When it comes to her daily diet, Elle prefers “a raw vegan diet,” she told the publication. However, she also said, “If I’m craving something hot, I’ll have a poached egg on sunflower or wheat-free dark rye bread, raw oatmeal with agave or a raw chia pudding soaked in almond milk.”

As for beauty tips, “I love @sheilamsperez unique method for lymph drainage and which is key for my well-being,” Elle wrote on Instagram.

Of course, fans flooded the comments of Elle’s post. One follower wrote, ” 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #bodygoals” And another said, “Much hotness ♥️💥” But one fan wasn’t too happy with a few of Elle’s recommendations. “When are you super can do all those things. The majority of the world is not as rich Elle. I would love to try your products but they are super expensive and only for the rich,” they wrote.

Elle was quick to respond to the criticism, “hi there. Most of the things I find most beneficial are free like prayer and meditation. Fresh air and walking, dancing laughing sleep , hydration , breathing , yoga , plant food ( much cheaper then meat ) having said that , our super elixir is less than a Starbucks per serving.”

And she means what she says. One of Elle’s most-trusted beauty practices doesn’t involve any procedures or products at all. “One of my biggest beauty tips—and I know it’s a cliché—is I drink three liters of water a day,” she said in a Good Morning America interview in 2014.

Now, that I can do!

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