Watch Joanna Gaines Get a (Super Cute!) Surprise Helper, 2-Year-Old Son Crew, in Magnolia Kitchen Clip

Joanna Gaines has the most adorable sous-chef!

In a new clip from Magnolia Kitchen shared with PEOPLE as part of Magnolia Network's preview launch on discovery+, Joanna, 42, is at work cracking a few eggs when her 2-year-old son Crew runs in to join her in the kitchen. Expressing her excitement in her surprise on-camera assistant, the mom lifts her toddler to sit on the counter.

"Do you wanna help Mama cook today? You wanna crack an egg?" she asks, encouraging him to then try counting how many eggs there are, as the boy makes it to about three! "That's really good," says Joanna with a laugh.

The mother-son duo then head to the garden, where they cut flowers and herbs, taking a moment to smell the fresh plants. "Look at all the flowers! Isn't that pretty?" she says, handing Crew a bright-pink flower. "You wanna smell that?" she asks, then, once he does, Joanna informs the camera, "When he smells, he blows out!"

As Joanna has her boy smell some fresh basil, her husband Chip Gaines shouts to them, "Crew? I've been lookin' all over for him!"

"Crew, listen. You cannot run off and cook with Mama, you've got to stay with me," says Chip, 46, as Joanna insists, "Yes, he's doing so good, Chip."

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Chip (who shares four other children — Drake, 16, Ella, 14, Duke, 12, and Emmie, 11 next month — with Joanna) then asks his youngest who his "favorite" parent is, as Crew quickly answers Dad.

"Hey!" says Joanna. "Let's try this again. Who's your favorite: Gaga or Mama?" Crew this time replies Mama, as Joanna says "Okay," and chuckles at the adorable moment.

In November, Joanna told PEOPLE that even though she's constantly busy with family and running their Magnolia lifestyle empire, she still has never had more energy. "I feel younger than ever because I now see the world like Crew sees it," she said. "I'm very thankful."

"When your kids get older, you start adjusting the way you parent," added Joanna. "But when you have a toddler, it's so different. You almost have to see the world in the way that they do."

"When Crew is in the car with me," she continued, "it's always, 'I see a sun, I see a tractor, I see a boat.' He's finding the simplest things, and in his mind it's an amazing discovery, but to us it's just stuff. When you look at things through the eyes of your children, it brings you back to that place of awe and wonder."

Magnolia Kitchen with Joanna Gaines is available to stream on discovery+

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