Nicola Kilner Rejoins Deciem

Nicola Kilner, the former cochief executive officer of Deciem, is back at the company.On Tuesday, Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe sent an email to the company informing the staff that as of July 2, Kilner was back as co-ceo and “co-worker.” Kilner confirmed the news, saying she was “happy, excited and grateful” to be back with Deciem.“A few of us might have heard of someone who was part of our family a zillion years ago — she never really left, per say or per say 😉 … Our Loving and lovely Nicola, our forever co-worker, joined us ‘again’ officially, as of yesterday,” Truaxe wrote. “NK — welcome back ‘home’ — from all of us.”Deciem posted an Instagram on Tuesday that shows Kilner with Truaxe in London. was let go from her post as co-ceo in February, shortly after speaking about the business at the WWD Beauty Digital Summit. Workwise, she’s kept something of a low profile, but presswise, her firing caused quite a stir — something that led to multiple web stories and a spread in Elle magazine.Deciem, generally, has been something of a media sensation. Part of that is the products — its hero brand, the Ordinary, makes products like Retinol 0.2% in Squalane, $5.30, or Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%, for $5.80 — which are priced much lower than those of other companies. Another part of it is Truaxe, who handles the company’s Instagram account and has posted a series of erratic announcements over the past few months spanning from his own shedding of the ceo title to the elimination of plastics in packaging.Truaxe, who founded the company in 2013, is the starting point for the business’ personality, which reaches far beyond social media. In Deciem stores, for example, text on the walls bears statements like, “Beauty Is Being Human,” “Beauty Is Between You and You,” and “Luxury Never Makes Anyone Beautiful.” In House of Fraser, where Deciem is close by to a much more expensive beauty competitor, the text simply reads, “Gold” and shows an arrow pointed in the other brand’s direction.Deciem has continued to grow, according to sources. The business is said to have about $300 million in sales now — it was expected to bring in between $120 million and $140 million for 2017. That growth has come even as the business ditched its first U.S. retailer — Sephora — and is said to have plans to launch into Ulta Beauty in 2019, depending on inventory.Behind the scenes, inventory is one of the problems Deciem has been working to solve, as the business has not historically been able to make enough products to meet the demand. This year, Deciem has focused on building out its manufacturing capabilities.In the U.S. market, the business has also continued to open stores, including a New York Fifth Avenue location that opened in June.

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