What September's Aries Horoscope Means for You

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How are you feeling, Aries darling? If the past few weeks have been a bit hectic, this summer’s back-to-back retrogrades and exhausting eclipses are definitely to blame. But we’re finally over the hump — and after all that wild energy, September will feel like a big breath of fresh, revitalizing air. So inhale, fire babe: You deserve some tranquility.

A new emotional cycle begins on Sunday, September 9, when the moon in Virgo aligns perfectly with the sun, which will also be in Virgo. New moons are connected to beginnings, so let this lunation help you sort through your feelings. Although our emotions are often abstract and difficult to communicate, September’s new moon will encourage you to create intelligent systems to support your inner-world. Your schedule should reflect your values, Aries: If something is causing you extreme stress or anxiety, work with this lunar phase to inject joy into your calendar.

A major cosmic occurrence takes place on Wednesday, September 12, when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, forms a powerful bond with transformative Pluto. Although this planetary connection is somewhat rare, as these outer planets won’t meet again until 2022, this is actually the third — and final — alignment of 2018’s three-part series. Jupiter and Pluto first connected on January 15 and April 14, and September’s bond will complete this story.

Your schedule should reflect your values, Aries: If something causes
you anxiety, work with this lunar phase to inject joy into your

Think back to these dates: What was happening? Who was involved? And, most importantly, how have you grown? With Jupiter in your intimacy zone since October 2017, no doubt there have been some very major shifts this year. Celebrate your evolution mid-month. The journey hasn’t been easy, but now, you know it was worthwhile.

The sun shifts into Libra on Saturday, September 22, kicking off a brand new astrological season — and this isn’t any old solar motion. Libra energy has a significant impact on your chart: Whereas your sign represents “me,” Libra symbolizes “we.” In other words, get ready for some serious interpersonal happenings. The sun always illuminates the truth, so for the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if important information about relationships come to light.

When the full moon in your own sign electrifies the sky on Monday, September 24, you’ll be ready for either commitment or closure. Now more than ever, you’re beginning to understand your value, so be sure to apply that strength to your partnership. Don't be afraid to fight for what you want, Aries darling. After all, you’re the warrior of the zodiac. Make sure your mane is as indestructible as your spirit with Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance, a mega-moisturizer shampoo that cleans and revitalizes your locks. It may not be able to repair all your bonds — but hey, at least it can remedy the ones your head.

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