The Thing 59 Percent of Women Have Done DURING Sex

Think porn is something best left for solo action? Not exactly. Fifty-nine percent of women who watch porn have done so while having sex with their partner, according to a recent study by IFOP survey institute and Cam4, an adult webcam site.

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After surveying over 1,000 adults, they found that just over half of Americans watch porn as a couple, and 66 percent would consider it if they were asked. But it’s not just men who want to watch—more than half of the women currently in relationships said they’d be into it. And for women under 25, that number was even higher.

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Face it, sometimes you need a little inspiration to get in the mood. And porn makes it easy to instantly bring in a few, um, experts to give you a little peep show—and maybe even some pointers. In fact, 54 percent of porn-watchers said they’ve tried something they saw in an x-rated vid. While it’s crucial to remember that porn is often wildly unrealistic, it might be a good way to spice things up if you’re both into it.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health.

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