The One Workout Move Guaranteed To Give You An Epic Orgasm

We’ve lived through barre booty workouts, spin classes and 5am F45 sessions – but there is one fitness regime guaranteed to burn calories and tone muscle without you breaking a sweat (or even getting out of bed, for that matter.)

Enter, kegel exercises.

Best way to start? Get squeezing every time you read the word ‘kegel’ for the rest of the article…

Kegels 101

Kegel exercises (also known as the internal squeezing of the muscles of the pelvic floor) were discovered by Arnold Henry Kegel, an American gynaecologist. He discovered that by squeezing these muscles, women were able to improve bladder control and experience stronger orgasms, while men could use them to work on control of ejaculation. 

Why should I do kegel exercises?

Not only can kegel exercises help to make the female orgasm occur more frequently and feel more intense, kegel exercises can also make your vagina feel tighter, meaning an increase in sensation from your partner.

How do I train these muscles?

Kegel balls! These little-weighted balls, with regular use, can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, make your vagina feel tighter, and improve bladder control. Strong pelvic muscles also lead to more powerful sensations during stimulation and stronger, more intense orgasms.

When starting out with kegel balls, it’s a good idea to avoid doing any vigorous activity to prevent the balls from slipping out. Sometimes a violent movement like a sneeze or a cough can cause the balls to dislodge. However, once your muscles become strong enough to hold them in, you can start to take on more physical tasks whilst wearing them. For a beginner, we recommend the Single Kegel Ball, and for those more advance the Small Ben Wa Balls.

Are they just for women?

Did you know kegel exercises for men are a thing? Both sexes have the same muscles, which can weaken with age or be affected by surgery or illnesses. Some men may find that they develop below-the-belt symptoms like erectile dysfunction, bowel leakage, pain during sex or after erections, or involuntary peeing. When it comes to male kegel exercises, you can’t use kegel balls, but you can still work out your pelvic floor muscles. To isolate them, focus on trying to lift your testicles by engaging the same muscles that you use to stop yourself peeing, and try not to contract any other muscles or hold your breath to make the most out of the exercise!

What else are strong kegel muscles good for?

There is a sexual act known for its difficulty to perfect, yet consistent success in improved sexual performance. It’s known as pompoir, and involves the woman using her vagina muscles to stimulate her partner without him moving or thrusting his penis. Traditionally believed to come from South-East Asia, the concept is built upon the women being 100 per cent concentrated on the sexual act as the two bodies fuse together in the moment of passion.  This act takes a bit of practice to build the correct muscles, but tightening your pelvic muscles for 10-20 second sets can help to improve your strength.

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