The Germans eat less meat and buy more regional

The state economic and food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) today, the nutrition report 2020 in Berlin. For the annual report, 1000 consumers were interviewed and the consumer.

In the run-up to Klöckner gave a first insight into the preferences of the Germans at the diet. Accordingly, the regional agriculture-estimated, particularly in the Corona-crisis more.

As we can see from the results of the “nutrition reports 2020” shows that the Newspapers of the Funke media group pre-templates, to give 26 percent of respondents to eat every day sausage, or meat. In the first survey, 2015, there were still 34 percent. Last year especially, men have thus reduced their consumption of meat: Said in the previous survey, 39 percent of the men surveyed said that they consumed daily, meat products, were it this time 32 percent. Among the women one in every five eats meat regularly.

Differences between East and West in the nutrition report

Also between the East and the West differences accordingly. 36 percent of East Germans claimed to have daily meat products on the plate. In West Germany this share was 24 percent.

For the first Time, the researchers in this year also asked about vegetarian and vegan substitutes for animal food: Five percent of the respondents indicated to a vegetarian regularly, and vegan Alternative access products.

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