The Best Waterproof Vibrators To Take In The Shower

You might not immediately think that showers and vibrators mix (seriously, no orgasm is worth electrocution). But that’s why god invented waterproof sex toys. And one of my favorite options? Waterproof vibrators.

They’re especially great for anyone who loves getting busy (with a partner or alone) in a bath, pool, or jacuzzi. Considering most experts would advise against having penetrative sex in the water, using a waterproof vibrator for those blissful underwater orgasms is a great option (trust us, your vagina will thank you).

Without any further ado, here are the seven best waterproof vibrators out there—for the shower or bath, pool or jacuzzi, with a partner or without—guaranteed to withstand all kinds of wetness.


This little bullet vibe is no bigger than a tube of lipstick, but packs some major power. It features a narrow tip, which is great for targeting different erogenous zones (think nipples, clit, you name it.) Plus, this compact waterproof vibrator is easy to stow undetected in your suitcase—making it the perfect thing to pack for that next romantic vacay.


This second-generation version of the popular Eva by Dame Products is the perfect go-anywhere waterproof vibrator. Its little “wings” tuck under the labia, so it stays neatly in place for hands-free fun during penetrative sex, or during a masturbation sesh. And, of course, thanks to its waterproof design, it’s made for getting off while sudsing up.


Wand fan? There’s a waterproof option for you, too! Try the LELO smart wand, which turns on the moment it comes in contact with your body (kind of like your super-horny high school boyfriend), thanks to its SenseTouch Technology. And the vibes get stronger the more pressure you apply.


If you’re a fan of rabbit-style vibes, you’re in luck: We-Vibe has created one that’s completely waterproof. Bring this toy into your steamy routine for a good, clean blended orgasm. (Read this We-Vibe Nova review if you need more convincing why this one’s a solid splurge.)


Okay, this vibrator is just fun. This seemingly innocent rubber duckie has a secret button on the back, which makes it buzz to life—with three different speeds to choose from. This rubber duck will truly make bath time much more fun.

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