Sleep disorders increase the risk for heart attack and stroke

Adults suffering from sleep disorders, also have diseases a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. A recent study from China shows. The results show once again how important it is to take sleep problems seriously and to treat.

Sleep disorders can affect daily life in different ways: Some people have difficulties to sleep or to sleep Through, others Wake up too early or suffer during the day, lack concentration ability. The study participants, which were affected by all these symptoms, suffered 18 percent more likely to have a stroke or heart attack than people without sleep problems. This is what the scientists at the University of Beijing in the Online edition of the journal Neurology reports.

In the case of persons, the only bad one – or slept, the risk is nine percent higher, and for people in the morning, early waking up, at seven per cent. Who had due to sleep disturbances during the day, problems with concentration, developed with a 13 percent higher probability of strokes or heart disease.

Therapy of Schlafstöretention is important

Dr. Liming Li of the University in Beijing, reported: "The connection between the symptoms of insomnia and this disease was in younger adults is more pronounced. The results suggest that we can reduce the number of cases of stroke, heart attack and other diseases later on, when we treat the sleep problems of people with behavioral therapies."

For the study 487.200 Chinese with an average age of 51 years were interviewed. Eleven percent reported to have difficulty in sleep or to sleep Through, ten percent woke up too early and two percent suffered from during the day, lack concentration ability. These individuals were then observed over an average of 10 years. In this time, it came to 130.032 strokes, heart attacks and similar incidents.