Scientist warns: burnt slices of toast pollute the air more than cars

Anyone who roasts in the own four walls, toast bread, breathe in potentially worse air than at a busy intersection. This was the result of a study by the “University of Texas” in Austin. The researchers had examined the possible sources of indoor air pollution and a test apartment with three bedrooms recreated. They installed numerous measuring devices and studied how the air quality changed day-to-day activities such as cooking or Cleaning.

Critical materials were created, among other things, by the use of candles, when Frying or deep-frying in the kitchen, but this one is particularly surprised the researchers were when they saw the values that were formed during the toasting. As soon as the Toaster was on, hiked toxic fine dust particles in the air, reported, among other things, the “Times”. As particularly critical of toasted and burnt toast is strong.

The particles are partially provided by the device itself, but also of the Crumbs at the bottom of the Toaster and to smoke by the heat to start. The bread touches the heating elements, may also form toxic substances, which get into the air. All this together will lead to a “very unhealthy air pollution,” warned Marina Vance from the “University of Colorado” at a science meeting of the “American Association for the Advancement of Science”.

According to the world health organization, WHO air should be fine-more than 25 micrograms of dust per cubic meter. The toast bread was roasted, this figure increased to 3000 to 4000 micrograms per cubic meter. For Golden brown Toast, the value was approximately 300 micro-grams.

Air pollution caused by a Toaster – so the risk is lower

The scientists therefore recommend to toast toast bread unnecessarily long, but only to “gold plating”. In addition, it can be useful to clean the Toaster regularly and to remove old crumbs and crumbs.

The results of the study are to be interpreted with caution, since it is the first, preliminary results and the study has not been published yet. The comparison with the air pollution on roads is interesting, but says nothing about possible long-term consequences. It is expected that when toasting in the apartment of a short-term high loading, while the load due to car exhaust fumes is a more long-term. This is especially true for people who live on busy roads or intersections.


Nutrition experts have been warning for some time before, to heat the food from grains or potatoes. When Heated, acrylamide is produced to trigger the suspected cancer. The consumer advises, therefore, carbohydrate-rich foods only as long as necessary, and to heat as low as possible.

Sources: The Times / Consumer