Psyllium husks: a natural remedy against gastro-intestinal complaints

Gastrointestinal complaints are already long no longer a taboo subject, but nobody likes talking about it, if he suffers from a diarrhea or a constipation. Nevertheless, the typical symptoms can’t be ignored as one that is too soft or too firm stools, quite the contrary: you Can keep no food in, or over a longer period of time not to go to the toilet, brings the health consequences. Therefore, you should the symptoms (if they continue) in any case to treat, for example, with psyllium husks. Unlike ordinary drugs, which are taken either with diarrhea or with constipation, you can stimulate the natural remedies digestion and both dealing with complaints. Why this is so and what you should know about taking, you can find here.

What seeds shells and what are Flea you are?

As the Name suggests, is of the seed husks of a plant species, which belongs to the family of the plantain family (Plantago afra and Plantago indica.) heard. Its Latin Name is “Psyllium” and translated means “Flea” – as the seeds remind optically of small fleas. The Plant is mainly in Pakistan and India grown, therefore, the term “Indian flea seed” being the most widespread. However, it is not the seeds have a laxative as a regulating effect on the digestion, but their shells.

Psyllium husks contain large amounts of mucous substances as a sort of protective film function and, thus, irritation of the intestinal wall to prevent. However, what is much more important: they bind water and more than 50 times. The vegetable source of funds may increase, therefore, the stool volume by binding the excess fluid (and toxins in the event of a bacterial inflammation). Say, if you are suffering from diarrhea, can summarize the psyllium husks the chair and relieve symptoms.

They suffer, however, under a constipation, can be taken with the psyllium husks also. The plant chair aufwei cher, contains a lot of fiber, which bind as already mentioned – water, and the compress-to-digest food. This, in turn, creates more pressure on the intestinal wall and stimulates peristalsis (the muscular activity), so that the Reflex for defecation is triggered. Thus are psyllium husks for diarrhea or constipation (and even hemorrhoidal suffer) equally.

How are psyllium husks properly taken?

Psyllium there are in the Whole, including the seeds and skin, as capsules or as a powder. The latter is taken either pure or mix it with a little water or juice. The whole seeds as well as the Psyllium husk powder you can also mix your cereal. The recommended amount of information you can find on the packaging and should be taken into account in each case. It is important in the case of any revenue that you take in sufficient fluid, the natural source in the medium unfolds its full effect.

In General, psyllium seed husks every day (Standing up, not Lying down or before going to bed) occupied, nevertheless, you should start with a low dosage and increase slowly. Are you suffering from a diarrhoeal disease, the effects can be quite fast, in the case of a blockage, it sometimes takes one to two days before the first digestion setting successes. You should notice after several days of no noticeable improvement, it is definitely advisable to see a doctor and investigate the cause.

What are the side effects husks Psyllium?

Usually are psyllium husks to be very well tolerated, only in very rare cases, side effects may occur – the most well-known include flatulence and abdominal cramps, which is very likely by many the ballast substances are triggered. Allergic reactions such as runny nose or skin irritation, are also rare. Then you should stop taking.

When should psyllium be taken?

By the swelling of the psyllium husks and the mucilage form a protective film on the intestinal wall thereby drug active ingredients can be more or much later absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is recommended to use the psyllium husks powder or the capsules at the same time with other medications to take, but in the ideal case, at a distance of 30 to 60 minutes. Furthermore denture wearers should pay attention that after shut down there is no residue in your mouth, rinse to remain, because they could swell in the existing prostheses.

And one more important note: Since the effect in children has not been sufficiently studied was, is the intake of psyllium seed husks under six years of age is not recommended!

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