New drug for rheumatoid Arthritis

A new active ingredient for the treatment of rheumatoid Arthritis has cleared an important hurdle: In a large clinical study, the symptoms decreased in a large part of the test persons after only a few weeks, for many of them, they disappeared altogether. Pleasant for the patients is that the active ingredient is administered orally as a tablet, not injected needs to be.

If in the case of rheumatoid Arthritis, the standard regimen with methotrexate, is given to a Biological agent, however, must be injected. Otherwise, the new active ingredient Upadacitinib that can be taken as a tablet. Upadacitinib in the study in the renowned journal "The Lancet" was published, more than 600 people very good results shown: At up to 50 percent of the patients the disease improved significantly, depending on the dosage of 12.5 to 20 percent had no symptoms.

Study leader Professor Josef Smolen from the Medical University of Vienna said: "The drug acts extremely quickly – after two to four weeks, there is a good Response." This Upadacitinib can be used alone, without the addition of methotrexate is necessary, which facilitates the therapy.

Upadacitinib engages in the transmission of signals within cells and slows down the inflammatory response, which contributes to rheumatoid Arthritis. About three percent of the population suffer from inflammatory rheumatism, of which, approximately one percent of people with rheumatoid Arthritis.