Natural recipes for the heart: a healthy life work style

No one should say, we tried. We try it really. Organic, buy the plastic bags from our lives and praise Greta Thun Berg’s banish great movement, the global change wants. Sustainability is so important. But in the case of ourselves and the way we deal with our health, is often hardly a role. Change? I’d rather not. And so we stuff, contrary to all good intentions and against their better Knowledge, too much sugar in the us, too much salt, too much meat, too much alcohol. And make us always to go in the morning back in the gym. Or the day after tomorrow. Small query on Google: sustainability: approximately 34.1 million hits. Heart Attack: 6.2 Million Hits. Something is going wrong.

And all of a sudden the body is on strike. It would not be a pretty sensible idea, not only of the world, but to also give your own body a little bit more attention? We prefer to go to the hospital, instead of turning in our lives to a few important screws. Is it really so hard?

Cause Of Death No 1: Cardiovascular Diseases

Three billion Times the heart beats in an average life. In Germany, the cardiovascular are the most common cause of death diseases – in spite of high-performance medicine. More money for health in the OECD, only the USA and Switzerland.

Although life expectancy in Germany has increased in the past few decades, women on average will be 83 years old, men of 78.2 years. Spanish men live two years longer than Germans, Swiss and even four. So German men of the West are Europe’s final light only in the countries of Eastern Europe, the people live shorter lives. The reason for the relatively low life expectancy of the German to an international study published in the medical journal “The Lancet”, the unhealthy life style in this country is, according to a statement.

Instead of our heart, in good time to maintain, we examine it: No other country in Europe has as many cardiac catheterization procedures leads through Germany per year and to nearly 900,000. To do this, and support constricted coronary more than 350,000 Far vessels – although the Benefit is not, at least for preventive measures of this kind.

Different eat: intermittent fasting instead of radicalism. During eight hours of eating, 16 hours of break. For example, like this: dinner until 20 PM. Night’s sleep use next meal until 12.

The number of cardiac catheter laboratories in Germany, eight between 2002 and 2012 more than tripled. Meanwhile, there are more than 830 of such high-tech centers, with which clinics earn thanks to case-based lump sums good money. Is placed in a procedure, a Stent, brings the up to 4700 euros. In comparison to the Netherlands, made in Germany, about four times more catheter interventions, and yet die in this country in the ratio is more than twice as many people suffering an ischemic heart disease. The bill that advanced medical technology is not per se a guarantee for a longer life – time, it does not work.

“We Germans do not go well with our heart. To say neither at home nor in the hospitals,” Professor Gustav Dobos, Director of the clinic for Naturopathy and Integrative medicine of Kliniken Essen-Mitte. “Our health care system is systematically the wrong incentives. We put, for economic reasons, all unnecessary procedures and examinations, to authorize, instead of the patients to change their lifestyle permanently. The clinics are lucrative, cost the insurance companies lots of money.”

“Integrative Medicine”

Dobos has written a book in which he shows, like typical people always suffer also the heart is affected: high blood pressure, to fat high blood values, Stress, lack, and movement – all of these factors affect each other and result in the worst case, in the infarction. Doesn’t have to be.

“We can do that through a change in our life style a lot more for our health than we think. 80 percent of all strokes and 90 percent of all heart attacks can a healthy lifestyle prevent,” says the 63-year-old physician.

Scientific progress is paradoxically a blessing and a curse at the same time: Because the more we rely on technology, digitization and modern medicines, the less we want to take, apparently, responsibility for dealing with our body.

Professor Gustav Dobos, 63, wants to encourage people to take more responsibility for their own health

The starts Small: the Rebel in the stomach, we take acid blockers, instead of changing our diet. The blood pressure rises too much, let us beta-blocker prescribing, instead of the deeper reasons for the Malaise. Against bad cholesterol levels take statins. We want to lose weight, we spend a lot of money for an alleged miracle cure in the form of a powder from the pharmacy, instead of doing it for a few months with intermittent fasting. The heart, stumbles at some point the cardiologist.

The skills of this discipline are amazing, she saves many people’s lives. Cardiologists deserted highways unruly line, wide open clogged coronary arteries, or insert stents. At the Essen University hospital, students learn in the meantime with Virtual-Reality-know glasses, the procedures in the catheter laboratory. But the Belief in the Power of digitisation can be basic questions, almost forgotten: Why was the man sick? And that would not have been prevented?

The clinic for Naturopathy and Integrative medicine in the former Miner’s hospital in Essen-Steele, a place where these questions are asked. Here Dobos and his Team treated for more than 20 years, patients diseases cardiovascular disorders, chronic inflammatory bowel or permanent pain suffering. In the process, the therapist, combines a specialist physician and intensive care physician Kidney the experience of the school of medicine with the knowledge of naturopathy to an “integrative medicine”, in which the insights of both disciplines complement each other.

Regular physical activity

Include Dobos’ Team-not only Doctors, but also physiotherapists, yoga teachers or nutrition experts. Patients will not be treated passively, but must actively cooperate in order to learn perhaps the most Important: self-care. The Knowledge on the Dobos, is an ancient one. Already Hippocrates knew: health is a complex Interplay of mind, body, and the right way of life.

Alone, This Knowledge is not to the people. In our health system, the medicine has forgotten how to Talk. An average conversation between the doctor and the Patient takes less than eight minutes. Operations are mostly well paid, conversations that could give incentives to change behaviour, rather less. How to convince a physician to his patient that a lifestyle change is paying off? With Brochures?

Gustav Dobos: “The stressed heart”. With Natural medicine for a longer life. The latest research on lifestyle and heart health. The 8-Week Program. Scorpio, 272 Pages, 20 Euros.

To would win it a lot: quality of life. And Life Time. Example of high blood pressure: Up to 30 million people in Germany suffer from hypertension. Which is treated mainly with drugs – ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, or drainage funds. Often necessary, but often the more convenient way. An Alternative would be very simple: regular physical activity. The strengthens the heart pumping with less effort the blood through the body which reduces the pressure on the arteries. Ten to 20 minutes of exercise daily help.

Also, a change in Diet would be useful: less meat, more vegetables and a careful handling of salt. Even regular blood donations lower blood pressure – the upper value of an average of 160 to 144, the lower, from an average of 91 to 84.

Example of cholesterol: About two out of three Germans threaten your heart because you have too much cholesterol in the blood. Especially because of the harmful LDL-cholesterol is involved in the formation of deposits, which narrow the arteries. In contrast, the pharmaceutical industry invented the category of statins. The number of prescriptions has doubled in Germany from 2008 to 2017, approximately. In this country, almost six million people regularly take such a drug.

Every Bit of movement counts

However, many regulations could be unnecessary, and also other nutrition. Anyone who eats less meat, less saturated fatty acids. More vegetables, more fruit, more whole grain products, can make in many cases, cholesterol-lowering superfluous. British researchers found: – Apples – fresh or dried – reduce the harmful LDL cholesterol almost as good as statins. Apparently, this is due to the in Apples contained a lot of specialized sugars, and Pectins, which are counted to the fiber. Also, a daily dose or oat bran for the cholesterol lowering flax seed values are measurable.

Example of movement: A German employee spends about 80,000 hours of his life on an office chair. “This has made us the Evolution to be a day for 20 to 30 kilometers on foot. We run to do today, on average, only 800 metres, and mostly not on the units,” says Dobos.

Order therapist, Anna, Paul, 58, says: “to change Our way of life is similar to Learning a new language“

Even ten minutes of brisk walking a day would ensure that our risk for cardiovascular drops diseases. Every Bit of movement counts, in order to strengthen the heart and reduce the Tension and stress level.

Example of the Psyche: Not every upset is in need of treatment. But about 5.3 million adult Germans suffer from depression. In contrast, were last issued per year, more than 21 million prescriptions for antidepressants. For many people, this is very helpful. But the causes for depression are many and varied. In addition to genetic factors, Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are an important aspect – and it does not need long drugs, in order to increase the own well-being. A study shows that three times 45 minutes of Cycling per week, have a similar anti depressive effects as modern drugs. Yoga, Meditation and mindfulness training as a support to be effective.

What is not answered is still the question of why we have a hard time with the change. Apparently, we humans need very much force to overcome the gravitational field of our habits. Then helps – like when you Meditate – daily Exercise.

“In the degree of order is”

At the clinic by Gustav Dobos is a whole Team of so-called right therapist is concerned with the search for the right Balance. Anna Paul, a 58-year-old health researcher, had been busy in her doctoral thesis with the question of how life styles can change. The idea of order therapy goes back to men like Sebastian Kneipp or the Swiss doctor Max Bircher-Benner.

The Basis of the idea that health is not just the physical condition but also the mental Constitution is essential. The person must find the right measure to stay healthy or to healthy. Motto: “to The extent the order, of each too Much, and every Little takes the place of health and disease.”

“This awareness have lost a lot of people,” says Paul. However, you could do a lot – and not through asceticism, but quite pleasurable. Neither it is to demonize a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate to leave on the meat. “We want to empower our patients to better self-regulation and thus self-healing.”

How very mindful, we are often with ourselves, illustrated by Paul with a picture: “The car we will check exactly which Oil should we pour in in the engine. Lights still change the Ölwarnlampe, we bring the car immediately to the workshop. With ourselves, we go much careless. Feel not so right, what is good for us. And if the warning light comes on, we will paste quickly a band-aid over it and think: Oh, this is gonna end again.”

The process of change

It does not, of course. Until he is there, the heart attack or stroke. “We have not learned to care,” says Paul, “because we are already trimmed as a children’s performance. How do we find the right measure, and our health can promote, the more we learn.”

Comparatively easy is the daily teeth we brush. Automatisms have to go easy. Changes from today to tomorrow but it is often difficult, but for some people that afraid of the occupied. Why do something New when I come with the Old yet somehow make ends meet? We need time and many repetitions, to make new behaviors a habit. “This also applies to a healthier lifestyle,” says Paul. “At the beginning, we need mental discipline. To change our way of life is that we will have to learn a new language. It will take time. But it will be easier.”

Gustav Dobos, and Anna Paul’s experience in the clinic everyday again and again how little progress at the beginning of the treatment tracks the major changes in the way. Weight loss, or improved blood values motivate, stay on the process of change.

In his book, Dobos presents an Eight-week program that anyone who wants to change something, the entry into this process can succeed. The Exercises are simple, but numerous: kneipp’s water treatments, small motor units, progressive muscle relaxation, a diary, in which you enter moments of happiness, mindfulness training, and cooking recipes. But how are you supposed to create all of this, if it is already hard to do without for a day on candy?

The joy of life

Thinking errors, says Anna Paul. Thinking errors, says Gustav Dobos. No one had to make everything at the same time on the head. Everyone have the freedom to decide what and what is not. “Look, what to change is easy for you. And what do you think to can not change,” advises Paul.

This process is a beginning. And then it goes on. In small steps, every day a little bit. And very slowly, very gradually, changed through daily Exercise. The body lives on. The spirit that goes with it. And the New, previously Unimaginable is commonplace. As it is, the new language. Two important words: well-being. The joy of life.