Menstrual: issues for the period

Every woman has them. Many of the questions on period bleeding still remain unanswered

50 to 80 milliliters of blood loses a woman wäduring the period. In the case of particularly heavy bleeding can cause iron deficiency and anemia

The Hähalf of humanity is bleeding about every 28 days, and the four decades. Although there is hardly something more Normal and Natüfearful as the menstrual period. Nevertheless, it is still a topic of both sexes with größter of discretion, treat. In Notfäcases benöconsolidated Tampons or pads often as secret documents from one woman to the other given – at least in gender-mixed Großraumbüros. In spite of counter-trends, such as "Free Bleeding" (free bleeding), and protests against the high tampons are expensive. The taboo düis believed to be a reason dafür be, why there are many open questions. Here you will be answered.

I can permanently change the VerhüTung pill to avoid bleeding?

The pill puts the natünatural cycle außhe. Dr. Elisabeth Raith-Paula finds the especially in young women is problematic. The from Puchheim, Germany Ärztin directs a Aufkläprogram für a Teenager, and says: "Köbody own Östrogen is then no longer produced. This is important, for example, für the bone structure."

On the other hand, If women suffer from heavy bleeding or pain, long-term use of the pill is often the only Chance of improvement. "Nevertheless, women should make after half a year of a break, and the mucous membrane of the Gebäcellses abbluten, so that the cells erneuern", Dr. Katharina Rall of the Universit&auml says;tsfrauenklinik Tübingen.

Often, menstrual problems are considerably schwächer, if the pill with the üalleged scheme (21 days pill, 7 days without).

Why is it üin General, a monthly bleeding?

The Köthe body of the woman prepares the Pubertät up to 500 times on a pregnancy, on the successful implantation of a fertilized egg. "Every Time the mucous membrane is the Gebäcellses für the special guest as a luxuriöse Suite built. The Öof estrogenic worries für the shell, then the progesterone provides Nänutrients and Vitamine", erklärt E. Raith-Paula, the Happen.

If the special guest is not, then, stößt the Köbody all the luxuries back to – with the bleeding. "The nämost potential guest gets a fresh Suite", the expert says.

Is a woman doctor-visit wäduring Menstruation okay?

In principle, Yes. But who smears, as in the case of the Früherkennungs-investigation of Gebäcellses neck cancer, wants to leave, should prefer to arrange for a different time. "A Pap smear, which is mixed with blood, you can not beurteilen&quot appropriate;, Rall says.

You can, with a period for Swimming?

This is usually not a Problem. However, women are wäduring the menstrual something anfädigit für infections. "The Gebäcellses of the neck and of the cervix are at this time more geöffnet", erklärt Gynämusicologist Rall. As a result, the risk f&uuml increases;r infections easily.

"Some women have after every second menstrual a Pilzinfektion", so Rall. If someone is so anfäcompletely w&uuml, ;you rde of Swimming wäduring the period advise. Some women prefer für stay in the water for a menstrual Cup. This can absorb more blood than a Tampon.

What is pad disease?

Forgotten Tampons köa so-called toxic shock syndrome ausl&ouml can;senior Model Lauren water is lost, therefore, in the autumn of 2012 a leg. Many of the women learned by this story for the first time of the möhazards, although package insert point out.

"A blood gesogener pad is the ideal Näbreeding ground for für bacteria. This schüToxin aus&quot would then;, erklärt expert Rall. Some women are particularly anfäcompletely für these infections. But such dire consequences as in the case of Lauren water and it is extremely rare. Rather füa Tampon that remains too long in the vagina leads to itching and Burning, as well as übel-smelling vaginal discharge.

Tampons not, as a precaution, einfüdo or größEUA varieties as nötig. Important, according to Rall: the Tampon späat the latest after eight hours. The f&uuml is;r menstrual cups.

The are the menopause?

A sign für the onset of menopause köcan unregelmäßigere cycles. Often the bleeding zun&auml is;first, küshortener and schwächer, the Abstände in between verlängern himself – until the period schließa lot of fails. The last menstrual period, women experience, on average, at age 51.

What symptoms are normal?

Pain in the lower abdomen and the Gefühl of Aufgeblähtheit gehören.  "But who üover several days regelmäßig pain in need of funds, should the doctor gehen", Rall says. A Abkläof also makes sense if the complaints are even worse.

Cause köcan cysts and uterine fibroids. Especially häoften the endometriosis is behind it. This Geb&auml occurs;cellses mucosa außoutside of the Gebäcellses, such as in the abdomen. The pain life is also the head plays but. "Who is the woman and the associated Vorgänge accepts, not cramped so leicht", &Auml says;rztin Raith-Paula.

This helps against menstrual pain

In the case of medicines, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen are the drugs of first choice. Naproxen works länger and a little better, führt, but rather to side effects such as gastro-intestinal complaints. According to a study Üreview can also Magnesium in regelmäßsodium intake menstrual pain spütraceable to reduce.

Many pharmacists also recommend Vitamin B1, Präparate with Mönchspfeffer, black cohosh and Gänsefingerkraut and cramp-relieving tea blends. A Meta-analysis bestätaken außmoreover, the efficacy of ginger extract. "Many herbal remedies are not well studied, a lot of women, but the good damit", Gyn&auml says;musicologist Rall.

As helpful sports, Yoga, Entspannungs&uuml apply in addition to drugs;exercises and natüof course the good old Wärmflasche. Practically für on-the-go are special Wärmepflaster for menstrual pain.

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