Medicine peanut Allergy hope

Nearly nine months after the publication of a study of an experimental drug, with the children and young people better from the dangers of allergens shocks peanuts are to be protected, is approaching for the funds approval in the United States. It would be the first prophylactic against peanut-shocks.

The peanut belongs to Allergy to some of the most dangerous foods ever: Nahr, and tasty, for Allergy sufferers, but potentially fatal. The allergenic potential of the Legume, which is actually not a nut, that sometimes a touch of an allergen can trigger shock.

And can be life-threatening if the breathing is affected. What helps then, is often filled syringe, only the Emergency, the peanut Allergy usually carry with you: With a mixture of adrenaline, cortisone and antihistamine, it counteracts the anaphylactic shock. But this is an emergency treatment, not therapy: so Far, the peanut is allergic to as good as incurable.

Anyone who suffers from it, needs to avoid peanuts. But this is not easy, because “traces of nuts” may contain all sorts of food and cosmetics. To make matters worse, the peanut promotes Allergy, often in small children.

Hyposensitization: the shock of “unlearn”

Accordingly, attention has been observed in the last few years, an international study, the unusual good results With the help of an experimental drug managed to desensitize two of three allergic to peanut products. Today, one speaks here of “desensitization” because, in fact, the Allergy, so the sensitivity to the Allergen, Yes: The body learns to be better done.

The Mediterranean is not a drug, it would make a worry-free consumption of peanut products. The sensitivity reduces to the Allergen and the shock symptoms to the extent that it comes in the best case, to anaphylactic shock.

At the end of a six-month treatment, the researchers reported in November 2018 in the “New England Journal of Medicine”, were able to take the often child Affected up to two peanuts without a shock call experience. That sounds little, is for peanut-Allergy sufferers, but a lot of you to react otherwise, on traces in the micro-grams range.

Unusually quickly after the publication of the study, the developing company Aimmune Therapeutics sent for approval to the US FDA for the approval of drugs responsible. On Friday, the Allergy-Committee of the authority for the approval, in General, the authority follows these recommendations. Approval of the Agent, which is expected to bear the name “Palforzia”, could now be done within a few months. What does not mean that the products would be immediately available in Europe For the drug here own approvals need to be sought.

Palforzia combined with a drug to reduce the allergic reaction, with gradually increased addition of peanut allergens – just like a vaccination. The drug is therefore a step in desensitization of the Allergy sufferer against the Allergen, the substance.