In the case of this Airline nut Allergy sufferers are allowed to clean in the future of their places. But what’s the point?

The North American airline American Airlines, it is from the 12. December 2018, permit the passengers to enter with an Allergy to nuts, first the plane. Background of the attempt, that people who suffer from an Allergy, less health risk. This was reported by “Bloomberg”, a few days ago. You should be able to clean their places before the Entering of all the other passengers so exactly, that an allergic reaction is virtually eliminated.

Intended initially only for nut Allergy sufferers. Triggered the innovation by a concerned mother whose son suffers from a life-threatening peanut Allergy. She turned to the American “Food Allergy Research & Education”, advocacy for food allergies to be Concerned. This Respondent American Airlines, what airline do to allergic reactions to Board, to exclude.

American Airlines offers that nut Allergy sufferers self-cleaning

The cleaning could not afford American Airlines after every flight. And a complete elimination, including the smallest nut ingredients would never be possible for all Allergy sufferers, but nevertheless, the ability to Fly are open to the new. Passengers with a nut Allergy can turn in front of the Boarding-Start at the Gate to the airline staff and may then enter the aircraft first, to clean your seats according to your needs.

If the micro stock would be parts of nuts in the air, in the aircraft, able to trigger allergies is controversial. So, about Tim Spector, Professor of genetic epidemiology at Kings College in London, the risk of an allergic reaction to peanut particles in the air for “imagination”, as he explained to the British “Daily Mail”. “Already alone because of the weight buzzed peanut particles not just by the cabin air”.

Expert: “Yes, It is possible that Peanut trigger components Fears of an allergic outbreak”

Asked about the sense of measures, said Dr. Lars Long of the society for paediatric Allergology and environmental medicine of the star: “It is as a psychological reaction quite conceivable that Peanut components, if they are visible, in the case of Allergy sufferers Fears of an allergic outbreak trigger.” As a suitable measure so-called peanut ranged however, free flights, as they are provided by some airlines.

“In Germany, for example, only between 0.2 and 0.5 per cent of the people of nut allergies are affected, which is a measure of how American Airlines are greatly exaggerated,” the expert said. Fixed also: A demonstrable Relationship between the nuts, which were eaten in a certain environment, and a subsequent relevant accumulation of nut particles in the air of the room it would be.

Sources: “Bloomberg” / “Daily Mail”