Four reasons for a toothache, although the teeth, nothing is missing – Video

If teeth have sudden pain, we think of tooth decay or a broken nerve. But not always, the dentist finds a Defect in the Dentition. Because teeth can also hurt if the Problem is sitting elsewhere. It can even be the heart.

Who goes with severe pain in the jaw to the dentist, you hear the dreaded drill whirring. A hole in the Tooth or an infected root are finally pain the most common reasons for tooth. If the doctor but can’t find a Defect, is not the pain triggers even in the mouth. These four causes are common.

1. Tooth pain due to a cold

During or after a severe cold, are drawn to the sinuses affected, the upper row of teeth pain. Because the inflamed tissue of the jaw pressure on the nerves of the Teeth exerts caves. The pain does not concern a single Tooth, but it is diffused through the upper jaw.

2. Dental pain in the plane

For tooth pain, which begin as soon as we reached the plane, the cruising altitude, there is even a private expression: the amount of tooth pain or Barodontalgie. Dentist Jochen Schmidt from Cologne, gives the following explanation: “Under leaking fillings, or bridges there may be small air holes. Due to the pressure difference in the aircraft, the air expands in these cavities. This leads to pain.“


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3. Tooth pain due to a headache

Migraine or Cluster headache are caused by changes in the blood vessels of the head. The trigeminal nerve-facial nerve Affected can feel the severe pain in the teeth. It is usually a pulsating pain in the upper jaw of the head pain affected side.

4. Tooth pain due to heart problems

If the tooth pain associated with discomfort in the chest, you should be extremely careful. Because at heart, such as Angina pectoris or even a heart attack pain may radiate diseases in the shoulders and in the jaw. The so-called cardiogenic toothache are aggravated by physical effort.