Circuit Training For Women At Home: Features, Best Exercises

What is full body circuit and what are the benefits of circuit training

Circuit training is a complex of high-intensity exercises, with the help of which all muscle groups are worked out. The main goal of circuit training is to create the most intense conditions for the body, to make it more resilient and prepare for other types of stress.

Consider the basic principles of circuit training:

  • Ultimate load. In the process, the body should experience maximum stress, which will contribute to the rapid recovery and obtaining the desired results;
  • Intensity. This is an excellent cardio training, which not only develops muscles but also improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • Short interval. Training does not take much time, so most athletes use them;
  • A certain specialization. Training contributes to the development of all muscle groups, but the degree of load is determined depending on the main type of sports activities;
  • Efficiency. In one workout, you can fully work out the whole body;

Based on this, we can say that circuit training is the foundation by which an athlete prepares his body for further loads.


Timed circuits for women at home

Due to the intensity of the circuit training helps to quickly lose weight. This makes them popular among girls who want to have a slim and attractive figure. And most importantly – they can be performed at home, so you do not have to buy a gym membership and go there every day.

During training, follow a few rules:

  • combine strength and cardio exercises;
  • perform all exercises in one approach, without interruption;
  • Allow at least 20 seconds for each exercise;
  • rest 1-3 minutes after each lap;

The total duration of the training should be approximately 30 minutes. Being engaged at least 3 times a week, you can achieve the following results:

  • lose weight and work out problem areas;
  • increase the tone of the heart and blood vessels;
  • save on training in the gym;
  • accelerate metabolic processes in the body, which will also help get rid of extra pounds.

Lower and upper body circuit: Exercise examples

Consider an example of a circular workout for girls at home:

Burpee. Cardio exercise aimed at working out the muscles of the legs and abdomen. How to do:

  • stand straight, and then focus the squat;
  • in the jump, accept the emphasis of lying;
  • also in the jump pull the legs back;
  • jump up and clap your hands above your head;
  • repeat the exercise up to 10 times.

How to replace: as an alternative, try running with lifting your knees to your chest or jumping in the bar with raising your legs.

Jumping lunge. Effective exercise for the legs and buttocks. How to do:

  • stand straight;
  • while jumping, take one foot forward, the other back, and land on bent legs;
  • also in the jump, change the position of the legs;
  • repeat 15-20 times.

How to replace: sumo squats or side jumps.

Plank. Exercise for the abdomen. How to do:

  • lie on the floor and fix the body so that the back, pelvis, and neck are in one line;
  • stand in this position for as long as possible;
  • To complicate the task, alternately move your legs to the sides or perform the side plank.

How to replace: classic crunch.

Scissors. Exercise for the legs. How to do:

  • lie on your back and raise your legs up 45 degrees;
  • tighten your muscles and cross your legs alternately;
  • do 10-20 repetitions.

How to replace: lying leg raises.

This is just one example of a home workout circuit for girls. First, do a warm-up Bold-Max Australian supplier and do not forget about contraindications. Those who have recently undergone surgery or childbirth, have problems with the joints and the cardiovascular system, should give up workouts.