Anyone who travels by Bus and train, remains slim

Who is traveling with public transport, not just doing something for the environment, but is also less likely to be obese. In a long-term study that regular Bus showed up, and rail travel could reduce the Occurrence of morbid Obesity.

Researchers at the University of Illinois have calculated that Obesity decreases when the transport in the public transport increases. Over nine years, they had transport, and health data were evaluated.

"The decision to use the public transport instead of the car creates possibilities for movement that would otherwise not be there. Instead of simply to go out of the house and get into the car, you have to stop to a bus stop and from the Arrival to the destination gehen", Sheldon H. Jacobson, a Professor of computer science in Illinois said.

For the study, data of the years 2001, were evaluated to 2009, to health and Transport, as well as from a census in 227 U.S. counties. In the calculation of the effect on Obesity, but also on factors such as income, Sport, or state funding of passenger transport were taken into account.

Previously, the scientists in another study came to similar results. Next, you will want to examine the effects of Bicycle rental systems and car-pooling have on the weight.