Antibiotics and alcohol – is it possible?

Is it allowed to drink during treatment with antibiotics no alcohol? Pharmacist Dr. Christian Machon from Mellrichstadt explains how exactly you need to take this rule.

Caution is the mother of the porcelain box is: Who moves when taking antibiotics according to this Motto, and nothing Alcoholic to drink, is to be on the safe side. But that doesn’t need to be. “At the most in Germany in the commercial antibiotics, you can drink a glass of beer or wine, if you feel at all after that,” says Machon. “But I would not overdo it with the alcohol, because the body is fighting a bacterial infection. Wait so with the alcohol, dear, until you are healthy again.”

In the case of individual agents it is, however, in fact, “stay away from alcohol”, for example metronidazole or ketoconazole. “The two can occur together with alcohol headaches, Nausea, heart rhythm disturbances and drop in blood pressure,” says the pharmacist. Whom the doctor has prescribed these resources, wait up to two days after taking the last tablet, until he approved himself a drink. In any case, Machon recommends: “you Should be unsure whether you can drink to your health alcohol, contact your doctor or pharmacist.” In the package insert of the drug is also mentioned, which can occur as side – effects and interactions.


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