9 Women Explain Why They'll Never Marry Again

For some women, getting married is at the top of their #lifegoals list. But what happens if that marriage crumbles? Here, nine women explain why they’ve crossed “re-marry” off their to-do list for good. 

One and Done 
“I got married once in my twenties, and that was more than enough. It was a great experience planning a wedding, and then after the wedding, figuring out how to spend every day and night with the same person. It sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, it was. That’s why it didn’t work out. That’s also why I’ll never do it again.” Marsha, 38

More Weddings, More Problems
“I’ve been married twice. The first time, I had a giant wedding with over 200 people. The second time, I just had 50 people. Both times, I realized that weddings are the perfect place for drama to rise to the surface. I had screaming matches with friends, family members, and even vendors that I hired. I’ll never do the wedding thing again, or the marriage thing again for that matter.” Claire, 35

I’d Rather Pocket the Cash
“Getting married is expensive and getting divorced is even more expensive. I’d rather save the money and use it to go on really exotic trips with the next man I fall in love with. I think we can have a really great relationship together without tying the knot.” Joelle, 32

Single to Mingle 
“After being married for seven years, I’m actually eager to spend the next couple of years on the prowl. I’m still young and I know that. So I can’t say I’ll never ever get married again, but right now, it’s just not something I want. Not at all. Actually, thinking about it makes me feel nauseous.” Cynthia, 29

I Want an Easy Out 
“Marriage is like the period at an end of a sentence. It feels so final and permanent. Of course, you can get a divorce, and I did when my first marriage failed. But I was never able to take a deep breath in my marriage because I felt so stuck, always. I want an easy way out next time.” Pam, 31

In Nobody I Trust 
“I was married and he cheated on me. It’s not easy for me to trust other guys right now, so I’ve put myself on a marriage embargo. My views on spending forever with one person are a little fuzzy at the moment. I’m just not interested in dating anyone too seriously ever again, or at least for right now.” Teresa Q., 28

I’m Too Embarrassed 
“I got married in June of last year and we separated just two months later. It was so embarrassing to have to tell everyone who came to our wedding and got us a gift that we were breaking up. I don’t want to put my friends and family through that rollercoaster ever again. I could elope, if I ever met someone I wanted to marry, but I just think I’d be OK if we didn’t sign a marriage license and spent our lives together as boyfriend and girlfriend.” Marissa, 27

What’s the Point?
“Marriage doesn’t change anything. The first guy I married wasn’t a good match for me, and I knew that before I walked down the aisle. If anything, marriage just makes your relationship harder and more expensive to leave. I don’t see any benefits of getting married ever again.” Hilary, 29

I’m Not Officially Divorced 
“The truth is, I can’t remarry because I never got officially divorced. I don’t plan on ever getting back with my ex, but we’ve just procrastinated hiring a lawyer and filing for a divorce. This complicates things, and it’s just easier to swear off marriage.” Georgia, 34

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