Tan out of the Tube – the following rules in mind

Brown will be alone by the sun? In this country, which is now hard. Now, many resort to self-tanners. Before applying it, you should prepare the skin accordingly, namely with a Peeling, explain the experts of the magazine “Öko-Test” (issue 11/2015). Because the tanning agents dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrulose react with the Horn in the top layer of skin. So, more brown pigments are formed, where this layer is selectively more pronounced. A scrub should avoid it.

Slow, circular movements

To achieve a uniform tan, it is also good, the Tanner with slow, circular movements to apply. At the transition from chin to neck, and from the mouth to the nose you have to be careful that no edges are created – for example, a sponge to the user can be of use. At the hairline-Tanner collects himself: eyebrows and hairline are therefore covered with a greasy cream.

“Öko-Test” has tested 19 self-Tanner. The majority received bad grades In them, formaldehyde was detected. Also natural cosmetics was not exempt. Formaldehyde is classified as a cancer suspect substance. Due to long storage or exposure to heat, the many-Tanners containing DHA formaldehyde can be split off. Anyone who resorts to self-tanning, should be stored in a therefore, the Tube also cooling and quick to consume.

Creams, don’t care, tanning-Killer – again bleach: their skin remains until the next holiday nicely browned

FOCUS Online/Wochit creams, maintain, tanning-Killer, don’t bleach and keep your skin until the next holiday nicely browned