Menopause Supplements Are Suddenly Everywhere, But Do They Actually Work?

Imagine going through menopause without actually dealing with menopause. Say goodbye to hot flashes, weight gain, and irritability. Painful intercourse is not a thing in your world. All you need is to take one or two pills a day.

If this sounds too good to be true, you’re right. There is no magic pill that can make menopause disappear. But with little options for menopausal care, women are vying for some form of control against these uncomfortable symptoms.

Several health companies are answering the call for help. Some fem-tech leaders are disrupting the menopause market with companies focused on undoing the stigma and inequality associated with menopause. Dietary supplement brands are claiming a major stake in this field as well. With more women searching for natural alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments, companies have seen a major boost in sales for herbal solutions. Financial experts forecast the menopause supplement industry to grow to 22.7 billion by 2028.

Now more than ever, there’s a growing movement to support women during and after menopause. Dietary supplements may be part of the answer but it all depends on whether they can back up their health claims. Phenology’s Daily Balance gummies, for example, uses genistein as its active ingredient which has been shown to reduce hot flashes in three different clinical trials. With little FDA oversight, it’s up to the consumer to investigate whether a supplement is good or all hype.

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