Man’s scrotum swelled up like a balloon after a routine operation

Man’s scrotum swelled up after surgery for urine tract infection

Man’s scrotum swells up to the size of a WATERMELON after surgeons accidentally damage his penis with a scalpel in ‘traumatic’ surgery

  • The 30-year-old suffered the unfortunate accident after having routine surgery
  • He had been struggling to urinate for two years because of scar tissue
  • ‘Immediately’ after the operation his scrotum became filled with fluid
  • He stayed in hospital for two days and recovered within a week after going home

A man’s scrotum swelled up like a balloon after a routine operation to treat damage caused by a urinary tract infection went wrong.

The 30-year-old had been struggling to go to the toilet normally for two years because of scarring caused by the infection.

And although he might have been expecting relief after the procedure, another disturbing problem quickly reared its head.

Surgeons removed scar tissue from inside the man’s penis so he could urinate, but experts said the procedure ended up being ‘more than usually traumatic’.

Immediately after the surgery the man’s scrotum began to fill with fluid and swelled up far beyond its normal size to resemble a watermelon.

He spent two days in hospital but, with treatment, he had recovered within 10 days of what experts dubbed a ‘misadventure’ during the surgery.

The unfortunate man suffered a swollen scrotum after having surgery to treat a buildup of scar tissue in his penis which had given him difficulty urinating

The man was admitted to King George’s Medical University in Lucknow, India, approximately 290 miles south-east of New Delhi.

He was suffering with a narrowed urethra – the tube in the penis through which urine travels – and struggling to urinate.

Doctors decided the condition was linked to an operation the man had two-and-a-half years before to remove his appendix, according to BMJ Case Reports.

After that op he had a catheter put in, which commonly causes urinary tract infections, and developed a condition called urethral stricture.

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The urethral stricture meant scar tissue had built up inside his urethra, restricting the flow of urine when he tried to go to the toilet. 

Urethra was damaged during operation to remove scar tissue 

Doctors operated to clear the scar tissue with a scalpel and widen the tube to make it easier for him to go to the toilet.

The procedure, called a direct vision internal urethrotomy, is commonly used to treat urethral stricture.

But the operation was ‘more than usually traumatic’, according to the report, and accidental damage to the penis led to the man’s scrotum quickly becoming swollen.

The swelling began ‘immediately’ after surgery 

He developed an oedema – a buildup of bodily fluid – around his testicles ‘immediately’ after the operation.

The swelling did not get any bigger after two days so doctors sent him home and advised him to wear a support for his scrotum.

After 10 days the condition had disappeared and the man did not need any more treatment.

Despite the mishap his operation was thought to be a success and doctors said he was doing well four months later.

And the report of the accident gave advice for surgeons doing the same operation in future to make smaller cuts with the scalpel to avoid unnecessary damage. 


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