Man collects tons of bottle caps to help cancer sufferers

Ingo Peter Meier comes out of Wadersloh in münsterland and has been collecting 2012 crown caps from all over the world. But to earn not only for fun but to make money for charity.

On 3. January want to check the weight Peter Meier, how many bottle caps in the entire year 2018 collected. The collected bottle caps does he want to go to the recycling center, and there to make money, to make a donation to the sum. The money is to go to the “patients help colorectal cancer”, an Initiative of the Felix Burda Foundation, the network against colon cancer e. V. and the Foundation of life looks. The patients help supporting people and their families are due to a colorectal cancer in a difficult financial situation.

In the past year, Peter Meier was able to donate thanks to its bottle caps-action more than 11,000 euros to the patients help. He and his supporters, more than 40 tonnes of bottle caps were collected.

The Felix Burda Foundation is a non-profit and was founded in 2001 by Christa Maar and her former husband, the publisher Hubert Burda. The media group Hubert Burda Media also FOCUS Online.

The diagnosis of colorectal cancer is not only a health but also a financial burden for those Affected and their families. Some patients are not longer able to perform their work. If you want to gut support for cancer patients, you can donate to, for example, the “patients help colorectal cancer”. The joint Initiative of the Felix Burda Foundation, the network against colon cancer, and the Foundation of life looks helps distressed patients with a unique financial support. Here you can donate:

Funds to pay men over 50, the Pension investigation

Annually, 73,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with bowel cancer and 30,000 people die from it. In this type of cancer, early detection is considered to be particularly important.

From April next year, the health insurance men to pay for from the 50. The age of the colorectal cancer screening. Be offered colonoscopy or the so-called Hämoccult Test, in which the stool blood is examined. In women, the insurance companies cover the cost for a colonoscopy from the age of 55. Years of age.