Group course can be standard treatment for anxiety and depression, trial finds

group therapy

  • Discussing how life is about control—working out what we want to have more control of, and what we can have less control of.
  • What Blocks Our Control? Even worry, rumination and self-criticism are a problem only to the extent they get in the way of important life goals.
  • Feeling in Control Short-Term versus Getting Control of Your Life. Goals are organized hierarchically
  • Taking Control of the Things Around You. A flexible way to work out what we have in common with people despite our disagreements
  • Building on Strengths, Qualities, and Resources. Encourage participants to recall the strengths, qualities and resources they have, especially at times when things are difficult for them
  • Moving Forward: What Gets Me Stuck? What Helps? Participants complete a worksheet on the things that are helping them feel in control and signs that they are struggling, like a “relapse prevention” session in traditional CBT

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