E-prescription for patients in Stuttgart and Tuttlingen

Patients from Baden-Württemberg, which are by law covered by health insurance, can consult on the website docdirekt a doctor, and in the future an electronic recipe is received. In the start-up phase of this pilot project, the E-prescription in a pharmacy in Stuttgart and in the district of Tuttlingen redeem.

The telemedicine platform docdirekt is open to all patients with statutory health insurance in Baden-Württemberg. In November 2019, the pilot started the project, Gerda (Protected E-prescription service, the pharmacy), which makes it the docdirekt-tele-doctors is possible, also electronic prescriptions for the patient to exhibit. The project is initially limited to the regions of Stuttgart and Tuttlingen.

E-prescription offers advantages für patients, doctors and pharmacies

By the treatment of a tele-doctor in the Video-consultation in the doctor’s office is eliminated. The tele-doctor, if necessary, provides an E-prescription, and places it on the Gerda-Server. In Parallel, it sends a secure key in the docdirekt App to the patient. This can then be E-recipe directly in the App and participating to send the pharmacy of his choice in Stuttgart and Tuttlingen. Through a chat function, it is pharmacy possible, direct contact with the patient and, for example, when the medicines are ready for collection or can be delivered by messenger service.

Patient data are extensive geschützt

The pharmacy has in addition to the Gerda-Server digital – a further Element of data security. The pharmacies make use of the already nationally introduced N-identification process, a kind of digital ID card that identifies each participating pharmacy in a unique and secure. It is only through this identification, the pharmacy will receive access to the E-prescription, that has assigned the Patient to the pharmacy.

Into the life of the pilot project was launched by the country’s chamber of pharmacists and the state pharmacist Association Baden-Württemberg, conceived the basic idea for Gerda and the E-prescription together with the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg have developed. Technically, the E-prescription service was implemented by the grid company of German pharmacists mbH (NGDA). The state of Baden-Württemberg is funding the project with about one Million Euro.


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