Diet report: How the Germans prefer to eat

When it comes to the German’s diet, the motto is: Tasty and healthy it’s supposed to be. Nine out of ten citizens is healthy food important. And as good as all the food has to taste. This is one of the current nutrition report in 2019, the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture has presented.

The taste is the German most important of all: 99 percent of respondents agree that food must taste good. It should also be healthy. The women (94 per cent) more important than men (88 percent).

A total of 71 percent eat fruit and vegetables daily, 64 percent take daily dairy products. Meat does not come so often on the table, as many perhaps believe, as Only 28% reported to consume meat every day. Six percent of respondents eat vegan or vegetarian. A quick and easy preparation of the meals is almost every Second (48 percent) important. A good third of the respondents also places value on the highest possible low-calorie diet. Women (41 percent) and over 60 years (49 percent) to agree with this statement most frequently. The price of the food loses in comparison to previous years, the importance of: Looked at in the previous year, 36 percent of the respondents when shopping on the money, it is in 2018, 32 percent of the respondents.

The results also show that a large majority of conscious to feed: More than half of the consumers make when shopping on the quantity of sugar and fat. 84 percent of the respondents are also in favour of finished products, less sugar, add – even if you don’t taste so sweet.

For the nutrition report each year, questioned 1,000 citizens to your preferences, eating and shopping habits.