Celebrity Moms: “Postpartum Depression Is Real”

When you think you have finally made it through a safe delivery and all is going well with your little bundle of joy, there is a sudden drift you can’t really explain. We all understand the extremity of what can happen after birth when we believe the connection and bonding should be the best option.   

However, some moms experience the feelings of detachment, to the point they won’t even breastfeed their babies. But no…it is not selfish, it is the feeling of anxiety, the mental state of the mind not allowing the flow of happiness and the only feelings being experienced is inner darkness.

Singer/songwriter Christina Perri has opened up about the levels of excitement she felt after having her daughter. She also told how her world changed to a different level with her new family. But of course, there were lots of ups and downs.   

“Being a new mom doesn’t mean you can’t go back to work when you feel but there are a few steps you have to master”, says Christina. In a recent interview, she noted her daughter gave her the reason to sing again. But she still admits it was a bit hard to go on full strength.   

“It will never be the same because you now have different reasons to be living”, she said. “Being in front of a million people on stage yet the only thing on your mind is your baby”.   

Depression is real!  

However, with the transition back to the performing stage, things took a sour turn for the star. Depression, anxiety, and sadness hit her so hard and the full onset of postpartum depression was evident! She admitted it all started late last year where she didn’t even have the urge to breastfeed her baby.

One of her only solaces was talking about it. She took to social media and for sure the influx of support gave her the reassurance she needed. Seeing the myriad of “mom support” helped her pull through as a lot was going on for her. Since then, the singer has talked about her strength in getting better and how she’s finally got a hang of motherhood!

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