Babies without hands: you Can find born experts a connection?

Parents are shocked, midwives alerted hospitals irritated: After an unexplained and sensational accumulation in France, where in limited areas in recent years at least 25 babies with missing fingers, hands or arms to the world are come, are now also occurred in the Ruhr area, similar cases – only 65 miles as the crow flies from Cologne.

Babies without hands: Cologne midwives in care

The network of the Cologne-based midwives exchanges currently about the events in the Gelsenkirchen area, the voice message of a worried midwife to spread via WhatsApp rapidly in the Kreißsälen and practices. The case is reminiscent of the thalidomide scandal at the beginning of the 60s, the thousands of damaged children came to the world. Everything revolves around a big question: Have been in the Cologne area and malformed children born without a clear cause?

Cologne midwife: hundreds of babies without hands born?

The well-known Cologne-based midwife Sonja Ligget-hedgehog mouth (45) wants to bring the case, via EXPRESS in the Public: “Because of deformities in newborn babies from hospitals is not centrally reported, and no hospital, the other white, it is currently unclear whether the case has much larger dimensions in Germany, and there is danger in delay.”

Maybe, so the midwife had already been in Germany hundreds of babies without hands was born, and then a pattern could be. In France, for example, many of the mothers of the affected children have in common that they live in the vicinity of fields where grain and sunflowers are grown.

Babies hands born: EXPRESS asked in the clinic to

EXPRESS asked for in the concerned clinic in Gelsenkirchen: What exactly happened there? “In the obstetric Department of St. Mary’s auxiliary hospital Buer have been born between June 2019 and the beginning of September, 2019 for a total of three children with an isolated unilateral Hand malformation,” confirms a spokesman.

“In two of the affected children, the left Hand was deformed – in the normal forearm, the palm and fingers were created only in a rudimentary form. In the case of a child the right Hand was affected – here, too, the palm of the hand and fingers were normal forearm only rudimentary created.“

Clinic in Gelsenkirchen, Germany: Striking clustering of babies without Hand

The spokesman continues: “malformations of this kind we have not seen for many years. The more times that Occur now may be a random accumulation. We find, however, the short period of time in which we now see these three cases is striking.“ The clinic tried, apparently, to recognize a pattern: “We could see no ethnic, cultural or social similarities of the families of origin.”

However, “All the families living in the local environment.” So all three families also came from a limited area, similar to that in France. The Gelsenkirchen-based clinic has now been in contact to the specialists of the Berlin Charité, Department of “embryonic toxologie”. The experts on the risks of Medicinal products during pregnancy, to investigate the mysterious cases.

Cologne midwife: Affected, please report

Midwife Sonja: “For parents of a perfect Baby is to process incredibly difficult. All want to have a healthy Baby. You pull back therefore. We hope that nevertheless, parents report that for the malformation of their child, no explanation. You could help to solve the puzzle. Environmental Factors, Diet, Medication? No one knows it.“

EXPRESS to hooked, of course, also in Cologne hospitals. First feedback of the Cologne University hospital: “We have no knowledge of such cases,” spokesman Christoph Wanko.

This article was written by Philipp J. Meckert

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