7 Secrets That Will Improve Your Body And Soul

1. Hydrate your hair

When the heat is on outdoors, it’s time to kick your hair care into gear! Why? Because excessive styling combined with both dry and humid conditions can steal the moisture from your hair shaft and instead of a smooth, silky finish, you end up with frizzy, brittle ends.

Aussie Beauty Vlogger, Ruby Golani recommends reviving damaged summer hair by using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to inject moisture back into your locks; “To combat this, try Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner combo helps improve hair’s retention of moisture to penetrate deep within the core of each strand, revealing soft, shiny and manageable hair.”


3. Scrub up for summer skin

By spending lots of days in the sun and in and out of chlorine and salt water, your skin can be left feeling dehydrated. Dry, flaky skin needs to be revitalised, and “shedding our scales in summer is crucial,” Golani agrees, adding that you don’t need to break the bank in order to boast enviable, nourished skin we’re all after.

“I love to make my own homemade scrubs with ingredients already in my cupboards, such as coconut oil with brown sugar or coffee granules. It’s easy to whip up top remedies that reveal soft, healthy skin that will leave you feeling confident, both on the inside and out when sporting those skimpy summer outfits!”

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2. Oil-proof your skin

We’re always striving to achieve that flawless summer complexion, but when your skin is exposed to the sun and humidity and you’ve added a layer of foundation, you’re left with a less than desirable complexion. “One of my summer beauty banes is dealing with oily skin and clogged pores,” confesses Golani. And she’s not alone, summer shine of the greasy kind is a big negative at this time of year.

Golani reveals “a great beauty trick for unclogging pores is to apply natural ingredients on your face, such as pineapple, pomegranate and grape seed oil, they all work to lift any contaminants from the surface.”

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4. Strobe to summer perfection

What better way to step out on a perfect summer night than with a healthy, glowing tan that leaves you feeling beautiful and confident.

Avoid fake tanning on the face and instead, achieve a natural radiance by adopting Hollywood’s latest makeup trend – strobing. “It’s the new contouring,” advises Golani. “I personally don’t like to apply fake tan to my face as it feels too heavy but I love to strobe! It’s one of my favourite make-up techniques and I use it to give me a healthy, luminous glow. To get the look, I apply powder highlighter to the high points of my face including the tops of my cheekbones, high arch of my brows, tip of my nose and cupid’s bow,” she says.

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5. Get movin’

Summer is the perfect time to mix up your fitness goals so get outdoors and shake up your routine by incorporating a mix of weights, cardio, swimming and yoga. Not only will you build up your resistence levels but you’ll also really challenge your body so you’re left feeling truly satisfied after your workout.

“Make sure you’re looking after yourself from the inside out by finding a fitness routine that suits you” advises Dundovic. “I workout four times a week and I love soft sand running and swimming so in summer I do my own biathlons.” To keep moving, Dundovic adds: “I always make a cool summer playlist” so crank up those tunes and sweat it out.


6. Foods that help you glow

“Eating healthy food can do so much for your body – both inside and out,” says Golani who in part attributes her radiant skin to eating fresh and seasonal foods that contribute to softer, flawless skin for summer. “I like to eat organic salads and healthy brown rice dishes. I also make my own smoothies, adding protein, chia seeds, spirulina, oats and frozen fruit. The more healthy you eat, the better you will look and feel.”

Golani also drinks two litres of water a day and uses a facial spritz for maximum hydration. “I like facial sprays that can penetrate through my make-up and help restore moisture for a natural, dewy glow.”


7. Meditate to rejuvinate

Don’t let sleepless hot summer nights show with dark circles under your eyes. Ideally you should be getting a mininum of seven hours shut eye and Dundovic’s way to unwind from her day is through the practice of meditation. “I do this at least once a day. I find it clears my mind and I am able to think more clearly throughout the day.”

Take Dundovic’s advice on slumber and you’ll notice the difference a good night’s sleep will have on your body.


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