Wearables: What Equipment, Digital Measuring

You collect more and more health data, not only for the benefit of users

Current Measurement: Mini-Computer to collect health data and verknüyou way to the top. So erfährt users more über Schlafqualität or step number

Fümany people are Smartwatches a toy: watches that are connected to the mobile phone and über Sensors in addition, the values of the heart rate control köcan. Also für Adam L. (24), robotics-Student from Australia, was the small Computer on his wrist, especially technically interesting. But shortly after the purchase of the watch reported stäfully, with his heart something was not right: It beat in his sleep 130 times per Minute. Much too fast für a young and athletic man. The Student was looking ­a doctor on. Discovered a congenital heart defect; a short time später was operated on Adam L..

Technology, motivated

A wrist watch, the heart condition recognizes – until Recently, hätte sounded the fiction, today it is more and more to the Realität. Small portable Geräte (engl.: Wearables) köcan health and environmental data are increasingly more accurate &ndash fairs; thanks to sophisticated, tiny Sensors. You ümonitor heart rate and breathing, report of sleep and awake phases, and to measure the Köbody temperature, register Stücoming soon, and Stress, or calculate calories burned.

Are advertised by their manufacturers with the promise that the health of the technology. The Motivation is increasing, gesüto life – with more exercise, less Stress, a better night’s sleep.

Thus, the Ger&auml fit;te perfect in our time, the sociologist Dr. Nils Heyen, Fraunhofer-­Institute für systems and innovation research (ISI) to new Technolo­gien in medicine and Gesundheits­essence of research. "Users spie­­len Fitness and Schöbeauty ideal of a role, but also that the own Glück provides – and the own health."

A more expensive Spaß

The consumer let the ­something cost. Depending on how many features it offers, it costs a Messgerät between 50 and üabout 800 Euro. Für the producers are the small products, a großit Geschäft. Survey results from the industry Association Bitkom, showed that already in 2016, that almost every third German uses the digital assistant, data üto bring about one’s own health and to evaluate them.

Experts based on the current Figures, the sales of Sportarmbächange and fitness trackers, has doubled since 2015 is almost. Approximately 3.58 million were sold in 2017.

In spite of the großen distribution, many questions are still open. The most important thing: Help the Geräte really, gesüto life? "So far, the study situation is still very uneven and, overall, dünn", says Heyen.

Mini-computer on Köbody

Wearable comes from the eng­metallic term für "tragbar" and f&uuml is;r small, close to the Köthe body-worn computer systems.

Sensors in watches (Smartwatches), Fitness
armbäof clothing or patches are integrated, collect data to Köbody functions and üyou must communicate to a Computer.

Großhe market, small successes

One of the EU geföthere needs to be a study, the result of the Customer ümountain important youth studied, showed a positive effect when the subjects of the digital Messgeräte für the data collection used. They were, however, only one of the many Maß. A größEUA study with ümountain important to teenagers in the United States came to a ernüenabled result: The participants, their Aktivität with a Tracker should check, significantly less than the subjects without the Messgeräte.

Some of the new features developed by medical professionals to be evaluated quite positively. Heart specialists, for example, you already use läViking, for example, in patients with suspected Herzrhythmusstö. One of the füleading American IT company introduced in September a new Smartwatch model that can write a simple electrocardiogram (ECG). The user only has a button on the watch with the Finger berühren.

"To Ümonitoring of the heart rhythm köcan Wearables be an effective method sein", Thomas Deneke, speaker of the working group Rhythmology of the German society f&uuml says;r cardiology. Studies show that the digital Messgeräte Auffällig­kei­on it with 90% certainty to detect. In the past year, the American Zulas&shy granted;­sungs­­behörde für medical products FDA the watch with ECG function, therefore, a permit.

The blood pressure it doesn’t work

In Germany, the Ger&auml be;te, however, without this function on the market. "If an approval comes, however, then köcould help quite, some of them heart-sick people früand better to behandeln", Deneke says.

A verläreliable measurement of blood pressure, however, the Ger&auml be;te make well in the years ahead köcan. Various companies have already been working for years on models that determine the blood pressure without the traditional arm cuff.

Networked head-to-Fuß    

The Wearables zäselect different Geräte, collect data, analyze it, and send

In exchange for the data

So far, the Bem&uuml could;hungen not übe convinced. "Internationally, the situation is a heiß discussed topic, but the studies so far f&uuml rich;r approval or recommendation not yet aus", about Mark grave fields, Gesch&auml says;ftsfüleaders of the German High pressure League.

And then the privacy is still there. Häoften Verbrauchersch&uuml criticize;backers Apps that use sensitive health data. Because the interest in these data is groß: in the case of manufacturers, research institutions – or insurance. Similarly, groß the temptation of the users, in the General Geschäterms and conditions the provider is just a Häto set kitchens – and thus the ei­to give genes data from the Hand.

In Europe, the use of such &shy are;Data statutory limits. In the US, however, there are already Ver­safe, which offer life insurance only clients, which, in turn, the data of your Fitness­tracker for Verfü.

Low-income earners außen before

This köcould the data be used wisely, experts, such as Nils Heyen üassured. So far, the not very cheap Ger&auml be;te is mainly used by people living already health conscious.

Those who in everyday life schwerfällt, in sufficient Maß to move or healthy ernähren, stay ­in contrast, außen. Low-income earners, for example, or Single parents. Data clouds köcould start here and ideas für better Prävention deals deliver. Sociologist Heyen regrets: "So far, it’s remained more of a promise."

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