To train at home: Upper Body Workout for a strong and defined back

Regular Workout units for the back muscles should be in every training plan.

After all, a trained back provides better body posture and can even help prevent painful muscle tension due to prolonged Sitting.

Back workout with little equipment

If you insert home a crisp unit want, to you but the Inspiration is missing, the new back-Workout-Fitness-Influencerin Heather Robertson just right.

Everything you need for the unit, are a pair of dumbbells as well as a sports Mat – then it can start already!

The Workout includes three passages with a total of six different Exercises. Perform each Exercise for 40 seconds, then 10 seconds of follow time.

Let’s go! What are you waiting for?

1. Underhand Row

The Workout begins with an Exercise that comes from your posture to the benefit of, the aims to the muscle strands of the upper back.

Grab two dumbbells that you hold in a grip – your palms facing you so to the front. To place you in a shoulder wide stance and bend your torso slightly forward, the legs are slightly bent.

  • Do the Rows by moving your elbow the same time to the back move.
  • The Weights should be located at the highest point almost near your chest. The tension you should, especially in the upper back, shoulder blades, felt.
  • The dumbbells let then controlled down again.

Eighth in the implementation of that you hold your head continuously in the extension of your spine, which protects the neck and back.

2. Row and Pull – both sides

The next one is a composite variant of the rowing-Exercise. To place you first in a stable, wide step. Your weight rests on the front, left leg.

Support yourself with your left Hand on your left thigh down. Let the right Arm, in which you dumbbell think, first of all, just hanging out.

  • Do now first of all, a Row, by you the dumbbell is in your right elbow to back off, until at about chest height.
  • Lower the dumbbell in a controlled back down and lift directly up your Arm outstretched to the front.
  • Run from this raised Position a train. Return to this with outstretched Arm in the starting position back to start again with the passage.

Thus, the Exercise is as effective as possible, should be monitored the movements and fluently executed. Especially the stretching out of the arm trained in this way, the addition of the front shoulder.

After you have claimed your right Arm, the left side of the row.

3. V-Squeeze

For this Exercise, you can use the dumbbells first, grab aside. For now, it continues with the V-Squeeze, which is not require only your back but also your Butt beautiful.

Put you first, on your stomach, your arms and legs are just stretched out.

  • Lifting now at the same time, the outstretched arms and legs from the floor.
  • Open in this Position, both your arms and your legs to the side, as in the case of a swimming motion.
  • You buckle and then back on, and return to the starting position.

Tip: Adjust your breathing to the movement. Breathe in when you lift your limbs, and breathe, if you absenkst back to the ground.

4. Standing Flys

Grab for each Hand a dumbbell. This must be very difficult – your upper body will also need to with lighter Weights to work hard.

To place you in an upright, hüftbreiten Stand and hold the dumbbells with your arms outstretched in front of you.

  • Perform the Exercise by opening your arms to the side, and then controlled again to follow in front of your body.

Important: do not lower your arms during the execution. Your shoulders, arms and your upper back to permanent work.

5. Plank Row

The muscles of your upper body will certainly tremble start to. But hang in there, soon you have made it!

In this Exercise, it is once again: give Everything. As for the Plank Row you need to put your whole body under high voltage.

Output position is the high Plank, where the hands are on the handles of the dumbbells positioned. The picture with the body, the arms are placed Just under the shoulders, the head is held in extension of the back.

  • Perform in this Position, the first train by an elbow to the side of your body to the rear pull.
  • Also in this embodiment, if the dumbbell to the highest point next to your chest.
  • From lowering the weight back to the floor, shift your body weight onto that Arm and perform the motion with the other side.

During this Plank Variation, your entire body needs to work. To challenge your abdominal muscles even more, you can hook this directly by you to move your navel.

6. Criss-Cross Jacks

Just one last Exercise, then you have mastered the Workout, also successful. Here you can work out this Jumping Jack Variation as properly.

  • To you first, very wide-legged and stretch your arms to both sides.
  • The Jumping do now, Jack, you crossed it together, hop your legs in front of each other and your arms in front of your body follow.
  • The Position of the legs or of the arms changes with each jump Together again.

Thus, this endurance exercise does your back good, try it in a targeted hook. You can reach best by your shoulder blades actively to the rear pull.

After these last 40 sweat-inducing seconds, you’ve done it already – very good!

Cornelia Bertram

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