Tired all the time?: That’s why a lunch is not sleeping makes sense

In everyday work, no time for a proper lunch, of course, remains sleeping. Many people enjoy him on the weekend all the more and retired then.

But researchers sleep Hans-Günter Blind advises against.

“A NAP of a duration longer than 30 minutes is not for adults,” he says. Because “70 percent of the population is asleep while tired.”

Not to long NAP

It works like this: anyone Who sleeps longer than half an hour, slides into the so-called REM or dream sleep – and then desire and motivation, when you Wake up again.

“Until you come back in the course, it will take a very long time”, says Blind.

In addition, the NAP at noon, sleep pressure is reduced. “In the evening to fall Asleep harder,” says Blind.

“People with sleep disorders need the sleep pressure, but to come in the evening to rest.”

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Sleep better, stay awake

Who has not such problems, you can lie down, of course, also for lunch.

“There are a few people, the assets without any negative impact on the subsequent performance and the falling Asleep in the evening”, says Blind.

“But the one that do not have any problems with Sleep.”

All others, he advises: Lunch best to stay awake. And if it’s got to be a NAP, not longer than 20 minutes and not after 15.

Otherwise the rule is only in the case of children, the expert explained. Because the process of learning about the school, to meet all your need for sleep at night, and in a slip.

“Until then, the Lunch or afternoon sleep, therefore, they are still very useful.”

Meike Leyerle

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