Threatens to warm Winter: the plague year-Ticks?

The continuing mild Winter favored ticks. The tick-season used to last from about March until the end of October, so the spiders are now active throughout the year, such as the Jena ticks researchers Jochen Süss said.

“At bottom temperatures of seven degrees, you March off.”

Ticks are Vectors of diseases such as Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).

Warm temperatures favor the ticks infestation

Add to that the ticks could overwinter species such as Hyalomma-by a lack of Frost in this country, so Sweet.

In North Africa, southern Europe and regions of Asia, domestic ticks had been in the past by birds introduced, not have survived the Winter.

The have changed as a result of the mild weather conditions due to climate change.

“Now she manages to go through in Germany, too, their natural cycle, from the Egg through the larva and nymph to the adult animal.”

The Hyalomma tick is not only significantly larger than the common wood tick, you need to move with relatively high speed on their host, explained Sweet. And she is a potential Carrier of dangerous Crimean-Congo fever Virus.

Infection with this Virus causes a disease that often runs as a hemorrhagic fever and lethal. In Germany, only a few have been so far dragged known cases, to travel.

For TBE-risk areas, a protective vaccination is recommended; against the bacteria-borne disease there is no vaccine approved.

According to the Robert Koch-Institute in Berlin in 2018, good for 580 TBE disease were reported; in the case of Lyme disease it is assumed that every year tens of thousands of patients in Germany.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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