Tabata Workout In just 4 minutes train the whole body

You want to your body workout, you have the time to drive to the gym, but is missing during the week?

Then this Workout may perhaps help.

The so-called Tabata Training, it is not namely on the length – a few minutes can bring you to your physical Limit.

Ideal for all those who want to quickly challenge your muscles, and the pulse in the height of bustle.

Crisp full body workout with Kaya Renz

Coach and athlete Kaya Renz will show you in our YouTube Video, how you do it.

For the Workout you will only need an exercise Mat and a mini band, then it can start already. Give it your all!

Here’s how: The Training consists of eight different Exercises. Each of these can be pulled for 20 seconds at full Power. It is a ten second Pause before it goes directly on.

1. Squats

Squats not only train the obvious muscle groups of the legs and of the Pos, but to speak also of your body gently.

Go for the Kaya version shown first, with both feet in the Band and place it above your knee.

  • Place your feet slightly more than hip width apart and go into the knee.
  • Press you then from your heels back up to the top and sliding your hips to the front.

“When you’re down, pulls apart your knees really nicely,” explains Kaya Renz. “The mini-band pull nice and tight.”

Particularly effectively, the knee will bend, by the way, if you have your mental focus on the targeted muscles in legs and buttocks rich, test the perfect Muscle-Mind Connection.

2. Squat Walk

We continue with a similar Exercise that will put your hamstrings under high voltage. Position yourself to do this, first at one end of your Mat.

  • Get back in the deep Squat Position – the mini band is still directly over your knees.
  • Go now, still in knees, sideways to the other end of the Mat.

Important: to Stay permanently in the deep Squat Position – then the Burn in the muscles will certainly not have to wait long.

3. Plank Jacks

In the case of the Plank, it comes down to the right technique. Eighth, therefore, have to form with your body in a straight line and not to lift the buttocks too far or lower.

The shoulders are positioned directly over the elbows, the hands are on the ground and pointing forward. Margin of the abdomen, by you to move the belly button.

  • Jump in this Position, with your feet apart and back together – the mini band is at the height of your calves.

Important: Keep the head continuously in the extension of your spine to avoid neck problems.

4. Rundern

This Workout wasn’t a workout for the whole body, if not also the muscles of the back would be addressed.

  • Sit on your Mat and place the Band around your feet.
  • Lean torso back slightly and raise the legs upwards.
  • The mini band, grab it with both hands and perform the rowing motion, you should raise it to your torso pre-pull and again.

Your shoulder blades draw in this Exercise is active to the back – the back is healthier for your and trains the muscles more effectively.

5. Hollow Hold

Now another Exercise that challenges your abdominal muscles as follows.

Place the Band around your ankles and lie on your back on the Mat.

  • Raise your legs and torso in the Hollow Hold the arms are stretched out to the back. Pull apart in this Position, the feet.

At high tension, you forget quickly time to Breathe. Eighth, therefore, a uniform air circulation.

6. Bicycle

For this Exercise you stay in the supine position. The Band is now back on your feet.

  • Position of the kidney of your hands on the side of the head and the nebe initially, both legs slightly.
  • Bring now in this Position, alternating the elbow in front of your body to the opposite knee.

In the case of the execution of this Exercise, it’s not the speed. Move instead a little slower, but with a lot of body tension.

7. Crunches

The next Exercise targets the abdominal muscles. The starting position is stretched out again, the supine position, arms and legs in the air – the Band is first of all your hands.

  • Execute the Crunches, when you bring legs and hands in front of your body together.
  • Back place the Band around your feet and return to the starting position.
  • It is followed by a Crunch, in which the Band wanders back from the feet to the hands and so on.

In order to let the abdominal muscles are working, draw the belly button is active and make sure that your lower back rests on the floor.

8. Mountain Climbers

The start position of the last Exercise is the upright pushup position. Keep the shoulders back carefully over your arms and draw the shoulder blades active to the rear. The Band is once again at your feet.

  • A knee now, I’m going to your body center. Hold it there for three seconds, and then switch the leg position.

Eighth in the execution of it, your Butt not to raise.

Cornelia Bertram

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