Survey: consumers expect ongoing Corona-restrictions

The majority of Germans (51 percent) expects that the corona-related restrictions for at least six months will shape the future of one’s own everyday life.

Every fourth even feared that the life also will not run in more than a year “normal” again.

The results of a representative survey by the market research company McKinsey, for more than 1000 consumers were surveyed.

About 47 percent of respondents expected within the next six months a return to normality.

Currently, consumers in Germany, according to the survey, of normality, however, still a good piece away.

More than half of the respondents expected in the next few months, financial losses due to the Corona-crisis. And many of their activities in the face of the pandemic, still be careful.

So want to be in the next two weeks, only 20 percent of respondents visit a gym and only 7 percent with the plane travel.

Around 58 percent of the respondents want to avoid crowded public places.

Instead of big Events, the Federal citizens currently prefer rather to Meet in a small circle. After all, almost two-thirds of the respondents want to meet in the next few weeks with family and friends.

And around 42 per cent want to visit a Restaurant or a Bar. For comparison: in Europe, the plan is only 38 per cent.

A good third of the consumers in Germany, planned the survey, to use in the following two weeks back the public transport. In Europe the wanted to do, according to McKinsey, only every fourth consumer.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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